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Monday, September 20, 2010

my treat for you on Monday.

(littered in this post you'll find totally unrelated pictures of my children. because this post is about my dream vacation and i'm pretty sure they're on theirs right now.)

Ok. Picture this.
you'll have to use your imagination a little.
We're at Starbucks. It's early morning on Monday.
My husband is treating me to a morning off and your mother-in-law/husband/sister has the kids/you have the morning off/your class got canceled/you always spend Monday morning relaxing at Starbucks.
Whatever the situation - we're sitting. In big comfy chairs obvi.
I've just bought you your favorite drink and we're nibbling on a big vegan muffin I brought from home. We have so much to catch up on but it's Monday morning and we're a little too foggy to go into the details so let's just start with a fun question.

(if this isn't what you do with your friends/spouse/sister/mama on stolen mornings at Starbucks, you should start pronto)

If money played no factor and you had a limitless budget and nine days, awesome childcare provided, and the time off of whatever job you have -
Where would you go on vacation and with who?!
What would you do? What would you eat?!

Now spend a few minutes on your Monday morning thinking about it.
It'll help I promise.

Here are my choices. I can't choose just one.
Hawaii with my man. It's so cliche, I know. But I literally cannot think of one thing that would be more life-giving for our marriage than seven days (two days for travel, obvi) on the beach with Nick - without changing diapers or making almond butter & honey sandwiches or getting up at So, that's my first choice.
Second, PARIS. I don't care who comes. Mom? Katie? Caroline? I don't know if Nick would love it as much as I would. But if he would, I'd have to invite him first. I would eat and spend sixty hours in one museum. Just looking at beautiful things and seeing something other than Sid the Science Kid with these tired eyes.

Third, a cabin on Whidbey Island with a few of my fave couples from Seattle. I'm sure you know who you are, could we just get a quiet little cabin with a big kitchen and some couches and talk and play games and build fires and laugh? Oh, that would be delightful. The girls could take trips into Seattle to go shopping and laughing and the boys could drive over to the Black Raven just for kicks.

But, it's not all about me.
Where would you go?


Leigh said...

I like this!

Uganda with Gray to meet the Tukula tailors and see Joe and Melissa. Except I think that would be way more of a culture shock, spirtual time than a relaxing vaca, but it would be good for our marriage and our faith.

Then I would have to go with NYC, girls trip or with Gray, makes no difference and this is for food and Broadway. It's restaurant overload and I love love love going to shows. Okay and maybe we would have to do some shopping!

Tiffany said...

This is fun!

Las Vegas: Phantom of the Opera, eating my face off, and then a vist to xx-church with Chris.

Disneyland: In my world, no lines and no hotter than 70 degrees

A cruise around the Mediterranean: I want so badly to go to Greece, Italy, Crete ect so why not cruise around them instead!

Laura said...

Ahhhhh.......what a nice thought!! :)

I have to second your idea of Hawaii with the husband....and lots of yummy pineapple to eat!

And Europe with the hubby (Italy, Greece)!

Great thought for Monday!

danielle said...


anywhere, really :)
and eat everything, of course