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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


To be totally honest, I'm a blessed little Betty. There's no getting around it. Even on my worst days, I have way more than I deserve. 

Don't believe me? 

I just ate a pumpkin smoothie. I found some lavender aromatherapy spray for $5 that is my favorite scent ever. Tonight I went on a bike ride and saw eight deer. My kids say thank you like two seconds after I give them a meal. My husband is super hot. I had to get a dress altered, thought it would be $50 and it was only $38. I have sweet friends alllll over the country. In about a month, I'll be an aunt to four, FOUR sweet kids. People read my blog occasionally, for reasons I can't quite understand - but am thankful for nonetheless. 

So you'd agree - 
I shouldn't have to complain about much. 
And yet. I'm going to. 
Can you guess what it's about?

Was anyone else disappointed this morning? 
Have you be anticipating something that went strangely awry? 
Every year, it makes me joyful.
Every year, it does me good. 
I wrote about it in 2008.
I wrote about it in 2007

But this year, I'm let down. 
What do you think? 


Candice {The Beautiful Mess} said...

you crack me up! for real :)

Rachel said...

i think i can't wait till next year when i can get a white mocha and all it's sweet goodness--asain stores don't make them, so i can't even get one in thailand. that cup is giving me mixed feelings though.

Kim said...

LOL.... Love it!! -your post and tradition of documenting the release of the SB Holiday cup, that is! :) So fun!

the tofts said...

eesh. they need to go full-on, bold red. it's triumphant. this looks halfhearted.

jasonbradley said...

Jess, this is what happens when I leave Starbucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

inthemiddleoflife said...

oh, thought I was the only one disappointed with the holiday sbux cup. snowmen...not so much. if they're not going to celebrate Christ, at least put a Christmas tree on there somewhere:(

Ginny Elizabeth said...

GIRL, ME TOOOOOOOOO! i get excited EVERY year, i take pictures, i want to go to starbucks and get a cup every single day - all for the christmas cup. but yesterday, i went with sweet erin witte to east blvd...and i didn't think one thing about that ugly cup. i threw it out. i didn't crack a smile. it is a little sad. i have a christmas starbucks mugs somewhere..i guess i will carry that with me wherever i go.

YOU ARE TOO FUNNY! i was wondering what this was about.

love you. miss you. come see me and lauren (hogan) soon. we are great friends. and i love the connection.

Kim said...

PS- I do like the words on the cups this year!! :) ..I saw one that said something about 'when I give, I get more in return..'

jackie fo said...

totally agree, this years design is terrible