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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Keep Asher In, Day 1

Anyone remotely close to me know that I have a sister bond that is weirdly strong and intense:) 
We love each other with a fierce love and likewise, love on another's kids like no other. 

My sweet gestating sister, Ruby (also known by her given name of Katie), is almost 33 weeks pregnant with her fourth child, and he is just bursting at the seams to get out and party with us. Ruby is working hard, literally around the clock to chill him out and keep him in! I figure the very least I can do is host a "Keep Asher In" week on the blog, with the sole purpose of entertaining my sister and she fights for her sweet baby boy from the couch. 

If you've ever been on bedrest, you know it's boring and hard and trying to say the least. It sounds glamorous to be confined to the couch, but I know nothing is hard for Ruby - when she wants to be playing with her kids, taking care of them, and enjoying her super busy and productive life. So this weeks for you Rubes! Enjoy it! 

**** And for ya'll, please enjoy Keep Asher In week, and while you read - please pray for the Walters family and sweet baby Asher. That he'd stay put just a few more weeks and transition well into this world. ****

To start it off, Ruby dear - here is my imaginary Etsy shower gift for Asher. If I had all the monies in the world, 
here is what I'd buy him! 

Dinosaurs and Robots. Every little boys dream!

 A fashionable passy holder because let's face it, all of our kids have been passy addicts. 
Why stop a good thing? 

Look at these sweety little natural shoes! I just love them!  

This makes me want to call Asher little bear. Can I call him little bear?  

For days when he's feeling more GQ than natural? 

And, of course, for you. You ooze femininity without even thinking about it, but come on - now you're equal parts girl mom and boy mom?! So maybe now you could use a gender neutral diaper bag. But then again, maybe not:) 

Love you Ruby dear!
And Asher, hold your horses buddy. We can't wait to see you too. 


Amy said...

Love it! Best wishes Katie!!!

Amy said...

ps: i want him to have that bear hat and i want to take a picture of him in it :)

Laura said...

Awwww PRECIOUS post! I agree with your "Keep Asher In" campaign! As much as we are excited to see this little bundle of joy, it's in his best interest to wait. Maybe we need to give Asher a lesson on the fruits of the spirit....and focus on PATIENCE! :)

I just love the sisterhood the two of you share! It's precious and something I never have (and never will) experience. I have a fantastic brother whom I love and adore so I am extremely thankful. I just hear there's something special about that sisterhood connection! And since I don't have one of my own, I am very happy to have experienced first-hand the love that the two of you have for each other! So sweet! And I love all 6.5 of your kids, which is a bonus! :)

Sweet Jessi, I think that you and I have some catching up to do. For real. We need to make that happen. You are still in my prayers!

Much love and many blessings,

Leigh said...

so sweet! praying for Katie and Asher! and of course the rest of the Walters clan!

PS...seriously I saw you in target yesterday. oh to live in the same city again!

Jill said...

love this, jessi! the GQ shoes made me smile real big-like! i am learning a lot about prayer and submitting myself to the spirit all day, thank you Lord for the rescue, and so i will let my spirit intercede for katie! and i LOVE the name asher. sister hugs all around. xoxox jill

Christie said...

I have been on bedrest for both of my babies (10 weeks each) and feel Katie's pain! It's so hard yet so important! God has ordained little Asher's days and I am trusting and praying that he keeps baking until the best time for him to enter this world. Keep up the good work of incubating, Katie!
And to Jessi - what a great sister! My little sister lives on the other side of the world and that bond is still as strong as ever - isn't is amazing! So sweet to encourage your sister as you do! Lots of love to you both!

Anonymous said...

SO so wonderful. What a joy. I kind of looked forward to checking the blog all morning since I got your twitter, I couldn't resist anymore and now its almost lunch time! I looked up all those sweet things of course and I have to agree that bear hat is a must! I love the name little bear. and..I actually really love the diaper bag, maybe if it was red though with flowers on it..i mean:)
I love you so much and Im so grateful for you batteling for me in prayer and in love that always comes with so much stinking selflessness and serving. I'm so blessed to have you as a sister. That was so fun Do it again, again!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Katie and I were friends in college. Please tell her we are praying for her and baby Asher! I was on bedrest for 14 weeks when I was pregnant with my triplets so I definitely know about bedrest! Tell her to hang in there!! Jennifer Clary :)