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Monday, November 22, 2010


I officially declare it Connolly holiday prep time. 
After months of transition & change, we're settling down for the holidays and super focusing on the gift of Jesus Christ and how He has radically given life to our family. 

My husband is using this resource to plan our Family Worship time during Advent and he's passed the area of "tradition" on to me.  Last year was our first year really exploring how we wanted the Advent season to look as a family, and I'm super super super excited to continue forming how the Connollys celebrate. My first big project of the season is going to be our Advent Calendar, that I hope hope hope to finish sometime before December 1st. We settled on going with an activity based calendar - planning around the normal and special events we have coming up. Here are my inspirations for ours. 

Those all look super-duper homemade by professional crafty mommies. 
Which I'm not. 
But we'll see where we end up. 
In the meantime, here is our list of activities! 

Connolly Fam Advent Activities
Dec 1 - make salt dough ornaments
Dec 2 - learn a christmas song
Dec 3 - go to the children's museum
Dec 4 - Go see Santa at the mall 
(sidebar: we don't do full out Santa - say he's the one who gives their gifts, but we don't ignore him either) 
Dec 5 - roast marshmallows
Dec 6 - Read Mark 1:1-8, make homemade angels
Dec 7 - make some mistletoe & hang it
(read: smooch fest) 
Dec 8 - act out nativity scene
Dec 9 - Family Dinner date 
(thursday night kids eat free at Earthfare)
Dec 10 - Put up Christmas tree
(may switch this one out for an earlier activity if we find time earlier) 
Dec 11 - Go get hot chocolate at Starbucks
Dec 12 - watch a Christmas movie
Dec 13 - mail our christmas cards
Dec 14 - make our christmas wish lists
Dec 15 - Go see lights @ saluda shoals in Columbia
Dec 16 - make luminaries
Dec 17 - make & take christmas cookies to shut-ins
Dec 18 - go to a christmas party!
Dec 19 - drive around & look at Christmas lights
Dec 20 - Deliver cinnamon rolls to friends & family
Dec 21 - Daddy/Glory date and Mommy/boys date night! 
Dec 22 - learn about St. Nick
Dec 23 - bless someone like St. Nick did
Dec 24 - open one gift and go to church! 

ok, off to advent my little heart out. 
What are YA'LL doing for Advent? 


Tiffany said...

Don't laugh but what is Advant? I always thought it was just a calendar that counts down for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I really really hope the Christmas party on the 18th is the Hopper party! :)


Nick said...

Just in case anyone actually uses the Christ The King resources, it is:

"Born a Child and yet a King"

It pairs with the "Jesus Storybook Bible".

MIchelle said...

LOVE your ideas!! We do something like this every year too, with the boys opening doors and finding strips of paper inside with activities written on them. We mix up seasonal things with already planned things in the month as well. I also like to mix in some special holiday movies that show on ABC. We don't watch TV, so this is a real treat for the kids.

Jenna said...

Though I'm a little behind in reading it, I LOVE your advent list! We just put up our tree today and I'm getting into the "Spirit" of the Season. One thing we do is have a P4 morning - Popcorn, Pancakes & Polar Express in our PJs. We also have a stocking for Jesus and write Him letters to open and read together on Christmas morning.

Anonymous said...

I stole your family advent idea and my family and I are having the best time. Thanks for sharing. :)