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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I need help.

The first step in getting help is admitting you have a problem, right?
I have a problem.
This is my bedroom.

wood paneling. lots of it. embrace it? go retro? who knows?  

actually LOVE my bedding. no issues there. Thanks Rubes. 

this is my side of the bed, (too much info?) and most mornings I roll right into the corner of the nightstand when I get up. 

this is the only other piece of furniture in the room. 

I actually literally prayed for the house of rest and her decor. That it would for homey and quaint and restful for all who entered. So far, it's been a small miracle how comfy it feels in here and Christmas decorations sure don't hurt. But our bedroom, yikes.

I had planned to put it off till last, but when I read this post by sweet Rachael about nesting, specifically in her bedroom, and decided yes - we need to set up a little love nest in the House of Rest pronto.
(sidebar: have you read Rachael's blog? Do you just LOVE her? I do. 
I think about her every day, literally - and how great she is)

So here are some plans:
1. go get the bedframe from the Troutmans that we've been meaning to borrow for a month.
2. cover the orange ceramic drawer pulls on the little dresser
3. actually hang the curtains I've been meaning to put up for a month.

Some other thoughts: 
 Has anyone heard of/tried putting lightweight fabric up like wall paper with cornstarch? 
this is an example and apparently it can be done and removed quiet easily. So I'm thinking about this. 

 I'm googling lots of DIY headboard ideas. Shutters, old doors, I also like this floating headboard. 

I think I'm going to be on the lookout for a small desk. This picture makes me think it could work in our little room. A teeny tiny desk or vanity on craigslist? What do you think? 

Ok interweb friends. 
I need your help. 
What are your fave projects/decorating tips for master bedrooms? If you help me, I'll give you all the credit when House Beautiful comes to photograph the House of Rest for their fabulous "church planters in transition" article. 
(Lauren H and Mare, I'm talking to you two directly - since both of you can transform a bedroom in a hot second) 

Love you friends! Thanks for your help!


Jill said...

jessi, first of all, i just love you. second of all, there's a chance we're moving to columbia. third of all, i have cabin fever. fourth of all, i loved that feminie appeal book (mahaney) you recommended. wow, this had nothing to do with nesting your master bedroom. we still have a 2-mo old sleeping in ours in a pack n play. go cocks. otherwise, ours is bookish and hippie.

Jill said...

i have 50 million pairs of size 10 clothes that i have given up on. you're probably a 6, maybe 8, but if you want some clothes, i will mail them to you. will you email me your postal address anyway? love in the Spirit, jessi.

Tiffany said...

I have never tried the fabric cornstarch thing but, totally interested! As, for the head board, I'm actually planning on doing a floating headboard too when we move in Feb, I was at the home store (in mt p) and found an amazing old window with the glass still in it. I'm going to frost the glass and hang it.

I don't know if you can or if they would let you, but painting over the wood actually gives the wall a really great look. Maybe who ever owns the place will let you as long as you don't go crazy with the color!

As for a desk, did you know lowes (and maybe home depo) sells furniture its like you pick the tops and the legs kind of thing. We've priced it before and it actually comes out cheaper then off craigs list!

Rachael said...

I have no idea how to do the cornstarch thing, but I'm obsessed with the idea of wallpapering our bedroom. Keep me updated as you learn, beautiful mama.

Marisa said...

if you can/do paint the wood paneling, use a heavy duty oil based primer first or you'll spend hundreds on primer trying to get the orange-ish brown tint from coming through the paint. we did that to the apartment in our basement and i wish we had done the oil based thing earlier!! you should check out; she has a ton of DIY furniture projects!

Lisa said...

Jessi - I've covered a lamp with fabric and liquid starch. Simple, a little sticky, but nothing you couldn't handle!