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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

dun, dun, dun 2011!

As previously mentioned yesterday, I'm beyond pumped about 2011. 
I can't help but smile when I think about it. 
My resolution is to simplify. 
Here are my goals. I've made them big enough to have to work and possibly not achieve them all, but tangible enough that I can cross things off and feel good about it. They're all mixed up category-wise, some are spiritual, some are family related, some personal. Here we go. 

- Run two Half Marathons. 
I've got one scheduled for March 5th and I'm thinking the other one might need to be this one. After those two halves, I want to start thinking/praying about a full in 2012. The biggest issue would be timing for our family because training for that bad boy would take a serious commitment. 
- Attend Healthy Living Summit. 
This is a blog/healthy living conference put on by some of my favorite food bloggers ever. They haven't announced the dates/place yet - so we'll see if we can make it work. 
- Guest blog/write for other sites 5 times. 
There was a time when I was way more gutsy and fearless about writing. I want to get back there. And I want to interact with other bloggers better. Starting this goal off right by doing a guest post for one of my favorite blogs, A Foodie Stays Fit, sometime in the next week! 
(*update - the guest post is up. This is my first and only warning that it contains a frighteningly pregnant picture of myself. It actually hurts my abdomen to see that picture.)
- Cultivate my gentle tongue. 
proverbs 15:4, proverbs 15:4, proverbs 15:4. A gentle tongue is a tree of life. My kids know this verse, I know this verse - we're still struggling with it as a family. It's time to really fight for it. 
- Only buy thrift store clothing all year. 
I've been inspired by my sweet friend Kristy who is doing the One Dress Protest. Please, oh please check out her blog. I'll be posting more on this pretty often and I would just LOVE if anyone wanted to join me. My main purposes in doing it is are a)vigorously save money b)make fashion fun for myself again without giving into shameless consumerism and c)prove to other women on a budget that it can be done. More to come on that. 
- Take at least two weekends away with my husband this year. 
One almost definitely coming up in February to Boston! Carissa - get ready to do an 11 miler with me while we let Nick sleep in! I'm pumped beyond pumped. 
- Have people over for dinner every other week, wherever we are. 
- Work on cultivating & using my spiritual gifts. 
- Refine my veganism and continue to clean up my eating. 
No more sneaks of the kids chicken nuggets. Wait, while we're at it - maybe no more chicken nuggets (except for homemade!) for the kids.
- Reopen an Etsy shop selling graphic prints. 
Of course more to come on this. It just may take about ten months to get it going!
- Buik up my prayer life. Slowly reading "power through prayer" by E.M. Bounds. 
- go to Seattle! I need to see my ladies and their babies. 
- Learn how to use our camera. It's been long enough! 
- Become a better card sender. 
- Finish the life journal Bible reading plan. For some extra accountability on this point, I've joined the Daily Wisdom Challenge - tweeting one thing I'm taking away from each days reading. 
- Come up with a better system for answering emails. I'm a horrible email responder and I've finally got no excuse now that I have a phone I can email on. It's time to be a big girl and hit reply. 

Ok! There are mine. In all their randomness. 
Now what are yours?! I'm dying to hear! 


Lauren said...

You are my "mommy hero" You stay grounded even when you have multiple balls in the air. You are an amazing wife and parent, while remaining true to your own self. I pray that I can learn from you and look to you for advice as a mama bear. I know we all have our authentic way to parent, but I wouldn't mind stealing a few of your pointers! :) Happy New Year. Love you lady.
And P.S.- You can start your resolution by emailing me back! :)

Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun said...

Love the goals! I want to write more guest posts too. I love finding new blogs and connecting with new readers. :)

And just a heads up...last I heard from Caitlin, they aren't planning another HLS this year because they all have a lot going on. I'm not sure if that's changed or anything though. I know I would love to go too!

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

I just found you via a Foodie Stays Fit. I'm a mother of 2, and super super lazy about exercising. You'd totally inspired me! Please don't be offended about the massive hamburger picture on my blog ok?!
xoxo, Da

ps. I love your resolution to only buy clothes at the thrift store.

Mama Pea said...

Your goals are AMAZING, and we share a few...namely cultivating the tongue and uncutlivating "chicken" nuggets from my freezer. You are totally on your own on that half-marathon thing though.

Kristy Powell said...

First, I'm flattered, and humbled. Second and perhaps needless to say, I LOVE your commitment to only shop from thrift stores for 2011. I couldn't support and encourage you more. Wow. I can't wait to hear how that is for you. So so excited about that. Please post about it and perhaps one of your guest posts can be on my blog about your experience!

Chanile said...

I just tried to read through your entire blog tonight. I'm sure I missed some of your posts, but I love it! You seem very familiar and I love when I "meet" someone like that!