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Monday, February 7, 2011

the perfect saturday

First, oops I forgot to blog all week last week. 
I didn't really forget but the flu that has been attacking families with young children across America finally reached our home. 
We're back in action. 

Here is an account of one of my favorite Saturdays of all time. 
Prepare to be underwhelmed, but it was still one of my faves. 

5:15am: Wake up nervous but ready to go on my long run. Nervous like it's a marathon, but still excited. Coffee, bible, water, stare out the window frightened by the torrential rains.
7am: Go to meet my running partner, holla Kim!, and decide the weather is actually unrunable. 
7:15am: Join NC on the couch for cuddling while the big kids watch tooooo mucccchhhh Dora. Doze on and off while cuddling for TWO HOURS. Declare Monday we're fasting from TV because I'm going to scream if I hear "come on, vaminos!" one more time. 
9:30am: Husband makes family pancakes. 
10:30: General cuddling and playing ensues. 
1pm: Pump myself back up for run, since the rain has stopped. Get kids settled for nap & receive inspirational pep talk from husband. 

In full disclosure, this pic was taken before my 8 mile run last week, not this week's 9 miler.
I did, however, look just as nervous before 9 miles. Maybe more. 
2-3:45pm: Run my little face off. Slowly. Almost cry when it's over I'm so glad. Return home to my sweet bebes. 
4pm: Glory ices my old lady knees for me and then ices hers. 

5pm: Finally give into Elias' three week long request to build a fire and roast marshmallows and make a quick family run to Target for marshmallows. Look like a crazy lady in sweaty running clothes, soaking wet hair, and glasses. Husband promises I won't see anyone I know. Run into friends before we reach the front door. 
6pm: Introduce Connolly kids to s'mores. Come to find out - they don't really like marshmallows. Just chocolate and fire.

7pm: Kids in bed and make creamy avocado pasta and pour glasses of wine in our coffee mugs like real adults. 

8:30pm: pass out on husband's shoulder for many reasons including but not limited to:      a) I'm a touch narcoleptic when it comes to movies, b) 1/8 mug of wine is still too much for me and c) previously mentioned nine miles oh, and d) pasta. 
10:30pm: husband encourages transfer to bed since I've drooled on his shirt. J/k.

Like I said, perfect Saturday, no? 
What did you this weekend?! Please say you didn't have that awful flu sweeping the nation.

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