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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

3 percent worth of 1% changes

No frills, no fuss! Let's get into it. 
the bottom line: we're sharing 1% changes that lead to a healthier life and I want YOU to join. 
I'm feeling vulnerable so I'm going to give you three 1% changes that I'm trying super hard to make right now! They're not all totally food/exercise related, but they're making a difference for me this week and they're WEIGHTY and SMALL all at once. 

1. get back on the wagon. 
I'm not proud of this, but it happened. Nick was preaching at a church in small town in South Carolina on Sunday night, so we made a datenight out of it. I planned to just eat when we got home, but I didn't think it through and found myself in a small town at 8pm on a Sunday night, quite hungry. McDonalds happened. 

Immediately my stomach started rumbling and gurgling and my body rebelled and began to reject it. I don't totally regret it, but I do regret what happened the next day. And the next. And the next. It seems stupid to work out with unnatural nasty beef still sweating out your pores and gluten clogging up your intestines, so now it's two days later - I haven't eaten as bad, but not as good as normal. I haven't given exercise my all and I've just sort of lulled. 

So, tomorrow. I'm jumping back on the wagon. Not for weight loss or vanity reasons, just to regain my focus on eating as healthfully and living as healthfully as possibly. Miss a workout? Eat too much ice cream? Never so much as walk around the block? Make a 1% change and jump back on the wagon, or maybe climb on for the first time. 

2. bless 'em when you want to curse 'em. 
For your spiritual/emotional/mental health. Imagine the most hectic part of your day. Getting cut off in traffic, toddler throwing a tantrum, husband waking up late, babysitter canceling, boss being a pain, baby crying it's head off in the middle of the night. Maybe you don't actually want to CURSE them, but you do want to at least think about how it affects you, how it's hard on you. Here is my challenge: when the hard moments come, choose to actually, REALLY bless the people in your life rather that count how much they cost you. I don't mean fake it, I mean, dig down deep, remember why you should love others - and bless them. Shake your head till you see how handsome and wonderful that husband really is and give him a kiss on the lips. Go cuddle your toddler in the middle of her tantrum and show her how to lighten up. Pray for the stranger in the car and buy your boss some coffee or a latte or something. 

From the bottom of your heart, 
as much as you can muster - bless em'. 

3. go get your hair did, girl. 
Ok, ok. I know everyone can't go get their hair done like, today. Lord knows I waited long enough. It's been OVER A YEAR since my last legit haircut. I've debated with the bangs, but really - I've had my eyes on the ombre (ombre is a coloring technique that sort of play off the look of "roots" - I know not everyone loves it. I do!). And I finally did it. I went to the best stylist in a 100 mile radius, got a few inches cut off, got it all shaped up and thinned out and smoothed down. My hair-stylist-miracle-worker-sweet-friend Kristin worked the ombre magic, extended my nasty looking roots with some beautiful deep lavender toned browns and lightened my ends from their shabby existence. I feel fresh and better and even if you can't go get a haircut THIS MINUTE, I've got some tips for you. 

- If you're in a 100 mile radius, book an appointment with Kristin. From now on, she'll be a sponsor on my blog and I'm gonna keep on talking about her. You can find her at Cline's in Columbia and she is THE BEST. 

- If you're too far away to go to Kristin and it's not feasible for you to come stay at my house and get your hair done while you're on vacay in Columbia, book a haircut. A trim. A freshener. Spring is coming. Lighten up, shake it up, get excited! 
- If a haircut is out of the question, just start browsing. It took me a year of looking at ombre pictures on google to feel sure about a new style and even then it took Kristin just telling me "Today, we're going to enhance the natural ombre you've started!". Start picking a look for your next cut and saving your pennies to fly and get sweet K to do your doo. It's worth it, I promise. 
You'll feel better already.

Ok, a little different from roasted carrots. 
But fun nonetheless. And now! I'm ready! Let's hear yours! 
(I won't do the link up till we get more people joined on, 
but post your link in the comments!)
One percent changes worldwide, ya'll. 

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