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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

beyond pumped, one percent changes.

Ya'll. I can't help it.
I'm just plain excited. 
I've been having a very low-grade happy panic attack for a few days just thinking about this. 
I've got a new semi-permanent segment on Naptime Diaries to debut, and I feel like, I HOPE, it is going to be a blessing to women like me.
I pray that it is an encouragement that only grows. 

It started with my guest post awhile back for A Foodie Stays Fit. One thing I wrote about was my desire to make a 1% change in my health daily. I wanted to erase the burden on myself to become completely natural, completely fit, and completely awesome (hm....) overnight. Instead, I set out to walk towards an end goal of being as physically healthy as possible - one 1% change at a time. Today, more water. Tomorrow, throw out the high-fructose-corn-syrup laden ketchup. The next day, read about WHY I just threw out the ketchup. The reason I wanted to do that was because I've found that I'm just like the rest of the world, in that - if I really want to make a change, making massive bold-life-altering pronouncements do me no good. Little, costly-yet-still-easy, baby steps lead to life change

Fast-forward to present day and I struggle to figure out how I want health,fitness, and food to fit in this blog. I'm not a recipe creator. I am seriously a new cook. I love cooking, but it's not my thing. I love exercise, I love what I've learned about exercise, but I'm not tiny instructor who can tell you the ins and outs of bicep reduction and thigh tightenation. I'm more of a mom, eeking it out doing 30 Day Shred while my kids pretend to nap. I don't know a ton about vitamins (yet) and I'm still learning about growing your own vegetables (we'll see). 

I'm just a novice. Just a mom, trying to make 1% changes. 
But maybe you are too? Maybe you've made 231 1% changes and you have more to offer! 
Maybe you've only made a .5% change, but you're ready to make a small(big) commitment. 

Join us. 
Every week. 
I'll tell you about one of my 1% changes and I'll hope, hope, hope that you'll tell us about yours. In my wildest dreams, you blog about it and post the link back in the comments. If you want to make me actually squeal with delight, you'll grab a button so that other ladies can come right back here and read all about other peoples 1% changes and we're all making 1% changes and feeling better and serving our families/communities/churches/friends better because we're not SO focused on how unhealthy we feel. 
God gets glory, we feel better. 

naptime diaries

And I'll tell you what else. 
My vision-casting hot husband is all over this. I'd say it was 61% his idea (apparently the percentages are very important to me) and I feel really encouraged that he buys into me feeding us meals without hormones and going running on date nights in an effort to be around as long as possible to serve the Lord together. I also feel really encouraged that he felt it necessary to snag up So not to leave you in suspense, but come back next WEDNESDAY - ready to hear about my change, share yours, and see what else we might have up our sleeves for this little project. 

love you friends. 
amen. (it just felt right)

sidebar: I'm praying for other women in all walks of life who are interested in this idea and might want to serve women through this site. If that's you - email me. Jessi Connolly at gmail. 

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