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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I said I'd finish telling ya'll about our trip to Boston and I never did. Oops. 
The truth is, there's so much I'd like to tell you about our last two days in our future city - but I'm pretty sure these details are only mostly interesting to me. Um, and maybe my sister. She likes to hear me talk for reasons I still don't fully understand. 

he's got jokes
But I will tell you this. 
Saturday after a beautiful run and a delicious breakfast and some thrift shopping and a quick nap, (for real, who are we?!) my man and I headed out to do the freedom trail. The freedom trail is a network of historic sites in Boston that you can walk to in succession and see not only a beautiful slice of history, but a good portion of the city. It was literally about zero degrees with the windchill and getting colder by the minute. There was hardly anyone out and about on the streets, and yet we went forth anyhow. 

one gloved.
We'd already had some sweet spiritual-Jesus-connected-moments with our city, and we'd already had some romantic-oooooh-look-at-us-we're-married-connected moments, so really - all that was left was to have fun. And for the first time in years, Nick and I had tons of fun ALONE together for hours on end. We laughed and giggled and groaned about the (below) freezing weather. We snapped iphone pics and shared a pair of gloves and drank coffee and ducked in museums when we couldn't stand the cold any longer. 

We ate sweet potato fries and contemplated getting my nose pierced and Nick insisted that I read the historical info for each freedom trail stop in my (seriously nearly perfect) Boston accent. We took a video of said accent and we also popped in an Urban Outfitters just to remind ourselves of how incredibly uncool we are. Oh man, we're so uncool. 

we did pause to pray for Nick & Gospel Community on the steps of Park Street
The last two days of our trip were so wonderful and filled with awesome events, but I think that afternoon running around Boston in the cold with Nick will be burned in my memory forever. Every time I've thought about it in the past week, I've smiled and thanked God for His intense grace to let us go on that trip, to let our marriage be in the place it is now, to have let me married my best friend. 

these crazy awesome box seats they had in an old church. a whole family sits in them! and you could bring your pets and blankets from home to keep you warm. I don't have a pet, but I do love blanekts. And being comfy + church = score. 
And if you're married, here is my PSA for you: Please find a babysitter in the next two weeks, go and laugh your head off and play together and remember why you became friends in the first place. If you're in the middle of the best season of marriage or the absolute worst, just go and play for a bit. And then, repeat. And then, remind me to do it again too. 

So Nick and I can't go back to the freedom trail this weekend, but as we drove home from the airport last week, I emailed every closish friend I have who doesn't have kids and asked them to please help me with babysitting because I've got to hang out with my husband more often. Don't we all? I mean - you with yours. Me with mine, obvi:) 

What are you doing this week/month for date nights? 
How are ya'll having fun together? 
And what sort of accent are you going to fake? 
There needs to be an accent, take my word for it. 

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