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Thursday, March 3, 2011

my favorite things (food) and some bidness.

One hope of mine for this here blog, for this year, is that we'd build some sort of semi-community here. That readers would meet readers and we could all talk about things and encourage one another and spur one another on in our real-life communities. Because there is just something beautiful about a stay-at-home-mom who shares a car with her husband and only leaves the house twice a week (that's me!) getting to talk to other mamas or other ladies and be encouraged/entertained/convicted/excited about dinner, even when I can't exactly go meet a friend for coffee in the middle of the day. 

Ok, so sort of related to that, but more on it later, sometimes friends email me/facebook me messages and sometimes it takes a long time to respond (ok, all the time), but one thing I feel like people ask a fair amount is: "Crazy lady, what do you eat?!". Because sometime I talk about the v-word on here, but usually not, and sometimes I decline donuts at a community function, but sometimes I don't. So I think people get confused on the issue, and that's just ok. I'm confused about everything, most days! Hooray!  

The bottom line is, I eat about 90% vegan. I try to eat mostly vegan, but I still eat eggs and if I come to your house for dinner and you serve pot roast & mac & cheese, I won't walk out the door. Rather, I will probably walk out the door hours later VERY full:). 
Maybe one day I'll write more in depth about WHY I eat 90% vegan, but for today, in case any of you are flirting with the idea of veganism or just clean eating, here is a smattering of deliciousity that will hopefully sway you over to the side of goodness

Without further ado, a few things I ate this week: 

in almost everything I eat, there is a side of carrots, hummus, & a drizzle of honey

this happens about once a day, in some form or another. spinach smoothie. 

o'soy yogurt, flax seed, fruit, & granola. VERY typical around these parts. 
creepy color spinach smoothie (because I added berries) & a granola bar
oats. daily or at least, every other day. 

oops. there is that yogurt bowl again:) 
egg white, hummus, spinach wrap.
pea soup with black beans & hummus
Last, but not least: 

the vegan calzone

I will be completely honest with you. 
The pictures of the amazing calzone are HORRIBLE, because I was 
I don't know how Mama Pea does it. I even took a picture of the inside, but it was an awful picture because I was basically eating it as I took the picture. 

And here is my super quick recipe for a calzone that will make you smile in delight: 
- I use this recipe for pizza dough & love it. Sometimes I do 75% whole wheat. 
- I like to let my dough rise for about an hour, wrap it up in saran wrap, & refrigerate it for a few hours. 
- This dough recipe will make about 3 ginormous calzones. Roll out three separate pizza shapes. Fill with whatever you fancy. 
- Now, for Nick and my sweet friend Laura - I went all-out in meat & dairy goodness. Mozzarella, turkey meat, basil, sauce, roasted red peppers, etc. etc. etc. For my vegan calzone, I added black beans, marinara sauce, fresh basil, sauteed spinach & green peppers, and roasted red peppers. IT WAS DELISH. 
- Fold over, mash ends together, score with a fork all around. Brush with egg white. 
- Into the oven at 400 degrees for 15 minutes. 
- Take poopy pictures because you're so hungry. 
- Repeat. 

Now, if that was helpful or even slightly entertaining, I can keep doing that, because it sure is fun for me to take pictures of my food (when I'm not simultaneously wolfing them down). 
But on to more bidness. 
A few blog-business-ish-notes: 
- For other questions/comments/blog post ideas that you don't want to leave in the comments, you can now just enter a question for me to see, over there >>>> in the formspring box. If anyone wants to ask "how best to only wash your face baby wipes every few days?", I'M YOUR GIRL! I'm an EXPERT on pretty bad mommy hygiene. 
- I'm going to start doing guest posts every Saturday to get some more exciting flavor. Want to write about something? Anything? Email me (jessi connolly at gmail dot com) or comment and let me know!
- I'm losing my corporate ads & moving to more personal-ish sponsors. Where my ads now sit, I'll host a few sponsors of etsy shops, blogs, personal businesses, etc. Are you interested and want to hear more about advertising on here? Please email! I'm giving away some free ad time for the first few people I hear from. 

Love you guys! 
Hope you have a spectacular Thursday filled with calzones & o'soy yogurt bowls! 

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