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Friday, March 11, 2011

so much to say Friday

Glory has baby fever and keeps calling me "mrs. duggar". Sorry, Glor. It's not happening.
While my sweet sister Rubes & her husband are out of town this weekend, we're helping out with their kiddos which is our favorite thing ever. Today we have sweet baby Asher, tomorrow & Sunday we get to play with our big girl nieces, then I get baby Asher back on Monday! Hallelujah! 

That being said, my hands are particularly full today and I've got no time to blog.
Also, my heart is particularly full with the news about Japan and resulting possible tsunamis. 
Lately, I feel really burdened about how to do anything, something, anything from home for this world. For big tragedies, for brokenness in our city and world, for the waywardness of the church when we tire of being the church. Prayer, giving financially, and educating my kiddos about His Kingdom seems all I can do sometimes, and also daunting at once. 

So that's what I'm thinking on today. 
I'm excited about a few (not too heavy) things coming up, though, so here there are: 
- Monday is my lady baby's birthday. Glory and I recorded a vlog for you. Get ready. 
- I've gotten a few formspring/email questions about the status of our church plant and I'm going to work with Nick to tell ya'll in a concise fashion where we're at with Boston. :)
- All our stuff that we've been living without for 7 months now is arriving on our doorstep on Tuesday. I can't wait to rediscover coffee cups and shoes and jewelry and show you really honest pictures of what happens when you stuff two houses worth of stuff into one tiny house. 
- I'm sorry my blog isn't the beautifulist right now. I'm right in the middle of working on it.
- Tomorrow I have a guest post coming to you from my sweet friend, Kelly
- I've seen a few sites that are intended to highlight  or connect blogs or bloggers that were neat, but not totally well done. I promise you, Faith Blogs, is totally different. If you love blogs, women, Jesus, or life - you should check it out. All the blogs they feature are really legit and wonderful and you can spend mucho, mucho time there if you're not careful. 

Love you guys. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. 

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