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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

shop stuff & sponsors!

Happppppppy Tuesday! 
I'm spending the day taking the kids to the b-e-a-c-h
 to celebrate family birthdays so it is a happy, happy day! 

I wanted to tell ya'll quickly about some updates to the Etsy shop
Next week I have a post brewing about some of the backstory... 
I want to tell ya'll about what a blessing this little shop has been so far. 
To my heart and just some cool things the Lord is doing. 

In the meantime, here are some new prints! 

Also, some new shop details. 
From now on, I'm doing BUY THREE, GET ONE FREE. 
When you buy three 8x10 prints, just write a message in your purchase of which fourth you  want and it's yours! Also, I'm selling 5x7's and 11x14's of all already designed prints. 
5x7's are $8 and 11x14's are $18. You'll have to message me/email me about each since I don't have them listed in the shop just yet. 

Ok. nooooooooow, the giveaway!
Have you checked to make sure you didn't win and just missed it?! 
I haven't heard from all winners yet! 

I want to start tell you guys about the sweet vendors 
who made the giveaway possible. 

First up, MaddyNBella Designs

 I am the mama to three beautiful kids! 1 baby boy - Elijah and 2 little girls- Maddy and Bella! I thank God for the gift He has given me to create and use my imagination through my jewelry creations. I design what I like to wear. I love mixing old with new in anything that I design and try to create timeless classic pieces that can be worn day to day or out for a fun night. A lot of the time my pieces are a little bit of vintage, a little bit of modern, a little

bit of classic..all rolled into one. No two pieces are exactly the same..they all have their own personality. I use only the highest quality materials- sterling silver, 14k gf, semi precious stones, feathers, vermeil, leather of different types & one of a kind vintage pieces.You can always feel confident that you are buying a quality piece with out paying a fortune!

And next, Kelly Bollman Art

I've been making art all my life, but have been painting more steadily over the past year.  Painting often feels like worship.  Creating and praising our Creator, while mixing colors as fast as I can and sometimes holding three brushes in my hand at once, is a joy.  It's like my Father said, "Kelly, you're going to love painting, so I, being the amazing, generous, good Father that I am, am going to let you."  I teach art to middle schoolers, am a stay-at-home Mom in the summertime to my two hilarious and sweet 7 & 9 yr-old children, 
& paint when I can.

And a little bit about Bess from Trading Ashes

 I'm graduating from SCAD in a month with a degree in Fibers. I design prints and patterns and apply them to paper good such as agendas and stationary.  My shops name: Trading Ashes comes from Isaiah 61 where the Lord promises that he will set his people free from the bondage and condition of sin. Isaiah proclaims that the Lord will set free the captives, comfort all who mourn, and to "give them a crown of beauty instead of ashes". I love the idea of trading something that is old, worn out and used in, redeeming and reusing it,  and turning it into something new beautiful. I like to use mostly recycled materials and my designs are hand drawn and organic.
AND, that's all I've got for a Tuesday. 
Love on these sweet sponsors & their shops. 
And if you're interested in being a sponsor 
of this here blog in June, email me at jessi connolly at gmail. 
Join the club! 

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