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Friday, June 24, 2011

it's friday, friday.

Nick asked me this morning when I was going to blog again. 
I should have said "NEVER" in the scary growling voice Glory uses when I ask her to come hold my hand when we're walking to the car. Bahahahhaha. 
I told him the truth is that I only want to blog about sad things, maybe not even sad to me, but sad to other people. I want to write about why every woman I know who's had a d&c said she woke up crying. I want to write about the difference in cold & hot grief. I want to write about ways we've seen the Lord be faithful in the past and how it helps me believe He'll make some beauty out of these ashes too. 
That's not really sad, but it's in the same vein, you know. 

But I think I need some space from those sad topics and for sure the internet does too. 
And I have a hopeful, filled with joy weekend ahead, and I'm praying for an the oil of gladness and the garment of praise like Isaiah 61 talks about. 

SO. Instead of sadness this fine Friday, let's deal with some business. 
Have you seen that facebook tab over there? ---------->
I finally started a facebook page, and would like to talk to you on it:). 

And remember that Etsy shop I have? I've been a loser at it this week, but I have an order going out tonight and if you want in, I'm going to give you a DISCOUNT if you order by midnight Friday. Use coupon code: ISAIAH61 to receive 10% off. And dont't forget I ALWAYS have buy three, get on free. Just write your fourth free print in the comment section. 

i hate the word "c-r-a-p", but love this quote. 

have I showed ya'll this one? 

this was a custom order for my sweet friend Marcy. Don't forget you can also get custom kids stuff!

Ok. That's what I got for today. 
Still some guest posts up for next week, way better writers than me. 
But I'll write some too, maybe about not sad stuff! But maybe about sad stuff:). 
I love ya'll and I'm sooooo thankful for you. 
For your emails and prayers. 
And enjoy that coupon code, ya'll!

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