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Thursday, June 30, 2011

one percent change is BACK.

Hi friends! I've sure missed sharing some one percent changes with ya'll. 
True story is - I've been making some like 13% negative changes rather than 1% changes towards the more healthy. Randomly, in the midst of early pregnancy, I was feeling super spurred on towards good health. I was so excited to walk through pregnancy mostly vegan, exercising, running, rather than my normal nine months of ice cream overindulgence and cellulite accumulation. But as soon as I found out we lost the baby, em.... I kind of lost focus. Then two weeks of miscarrying/procedures/pain medication truly set me back in the exercise department. I'd decided to do a little juice fast to cleanse out my system during the time  I couldn't exercise, but you know what you want to eat when you've just had a d&c and you're pretty sad: NOT JUICE. 

So, I'm taking baby steps back to healthiness myself and here is my 1% tip
(to hopefully help myself)
join a team. 
Here are some examples I'm pursuing this week: 

real life picture of me after the shred.  it's short, but fierce. no idea why i took this.

- Before I took my little health hiatus, I'd teamed up with a group of women on twitter who were all doing the 30 Day Shred and encouraging each other! I was a few days in and it help me accountable so much to see their tweets coming in throughout the day. Now I'm about two weeks behind, but today - NO MATTER WHAT - I'm jumping back in, doing the shred, and tweeting them about it! 
- I've told ya'll before I'm trying to learn more about/pursue more raw food eating. My friend Steph just happens to be a few steps ahead of me, already transforming her diet and feeling great while eating a majority of raw. So I'm going to ask her questions, borrow some books, and pick her brain. Teaming up in healthy eating makes it much less of a chore and much more of a fun adventure! 
- Lastly, I'm going to start training for my next half marathon, possibly first full marathon. Running and talking running with friends is always way better than running alone, though! I have a few friends running the Rock n Roll half in Savannah and I'm going to jump on board.  I have more than enough time to train for it, but I'd love to run this half in under two hours so I'm going to start training early and work on my time! And depending on how the half goes, I'll start thinking/praying about this bad boy. Hm...... 

And now, I can't wait to hear ya'lls 1% changes! 
or your ideas about how to team up with others for steps toward healthy living! 
Link it up friends! 

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