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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

1% change, from Rachael

Hey ya'll. My last little summer "vacation" is almost over, but one more guest post. 
Here's my sweet friend Rachael from Letters to Ames
I LOVE when people do guest 1% changes for me and take
 it to a place that is TRULY challenging to me. 
(looking at you, Kelli). Here's another one. 
Thanks for putting it plainly Rach. 
Love you guys & miss you! 
Entered the giveaway yet?!

Side note... err... Top note. Before I even get started, I want to say something. Jessi sat in my living room about a year ago and told me her theory on the 1% change concept. I think it was new to her at that time, and she was still in the processing stages. 

Can I just say, Jessi, that I am so proud of you?! You stuck with this idea and fleshed it out here on your blog, allowing us to share it with you on a regular basis. You are an inspiration on how to make healthy living (be it physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual) less intimidating and more feasible in our families. Thank you!

Now, I will share about a little family victory in our home.

Our 1% change for healthy living has to do with groceries: GO FOR IT.

We made a commitment to buy organic, vegetarian-fed meat. So we do. It's not available everywhere, and it's ridiculously expensive. So we just buy a little less, or a little less often. But we stick to our commitment. 

We committed to eliminating high-fructose corn syrup in our house (with the exception of ketchup, because the organic stuff was JUST NOT CUTTING IT). Anyway, whenever we see something we'd like, we read the label. If there is corn syrup in it, it goes back on the shelf. We take a minute to mourn, because that item would have surely been enjoyed. But it's not coming across our doorstep. Because we committed to it.

Sure, healthy eating has affected our budget. But I refuse to accept "organic is just too expensive" as an excuse to buy yucky stuff. We simply find ways to make it work. We meal plan more efficiently, which means we grocery shop together, which means the right side items accompany the right entrees, which means we save money, which means we don't stress as much about food or finances, which means we enjoy sitting down to dinner as a family. So basically, committing to something and sticking to it makes for a healthier marriage and a healthier family! Right?
I say RIGHT. What do you need to just go with? Just do? 
Do it. 
And tell us about it. 

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