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Friday, July 8, 2011

fantasy wedding, mm huh.

sidebar before we get started: super encouraged by the feedback from yesterday's post
let's keep talking about the gospel and how hard it is to apply it to everyone, including ourselves.

So my cousin Brooke's wedding was GORGEOUS last weekend. 
Bridal luncheon, rehearsal, ceremony, reception - all perfect. Perfectly beautiful. 
At the very beginning of the weekend, my sister and I looked at each other knowingly. Yep, we'd of had some different weddings if we didn't get married as babies too. 

Now don't get me wrong, I LOVED my wedding. My parents indulged all my crazy child-bride creepiness and put up with all my shenanigans and threw one fun and worshipful party. But it was six years ago, I barely knew myself (I barely know myself now) and I had not even begun to develop my own taste. 

For example: my wedding colors were blue & green (my most unfavorite colors). 
It was fun and beautiful, I just would say it wasn't so much me. Or who I am now. 

I wouldn't change feeling this happy!

But everyone once in a while it's fun to dream. 
And pinterest sure doesn't hurt my cause. 
If you don't have a pinterest account, please get one. I can't even describe it. 
Except to say it's google search with style. 
So feast your eyes. 
Here's my dream wedding, if I got married this summer, instead of 6 summers ago. 

I'd use a color pallete similar to this. Lots of lavendar-toned grays and peach.
White, pops of torquoise (or mint) & yellow.

I'd go relaxed & ivory. Maybe one shouldered? On the dress.
The outer two are from
jcrew, the middle from a local Charlotte designer
coffee bar, personalized coffee bags as favors, custom labs to cover twobuckchuck, and a coral cake. 
For Bridal style I'd get Kristin,
but maybe not Kristin since I'd want her to be a bridesmaid,
I'd get someone like Kristin to do a loose, messy braid or bun. And I LOVE these earrings from MaddyNBella, as well as the necklace from Noonday.
Obsessed with both! 
Bridesmaid style: I'd let them pick varying gray dresses and I'd gift them with these super cute splendor necklaces & Life at the table market totes!
For food, I'd go pizza. Vegan and non vegan of course.
Personalized sandwich bar.
Soup bar.
And diet coke in bottles. 
Lots and lots of peach peonies, diy hanging poms,
diy hanging homemade chandeliers, and tons and tons of greenery. 
Last but not least, I'd do all my own graphics since
Naptime Diaries is expanding into that arena! 

So there it is in all it's glory. 
But I'm thankful for what I had. 
Green & blue and just right for that season. 

And if you're getting married, or not, check out all the great stuff
Vie a la table, MaddyNBella, Splendor Shop, & Sara over at Noonday have to offer. 

And over the weekend I'm going to be cleaning up shop at Naptime Diaries and getting things set up so you can order custom wedding and other invitations for all your partying needs! I just finished my first (really, second) wedding invitation design and will show it to you soonly! 

I'd love to hear what your "fantasy" wedding would be like:)
Happy Friday!
And, there are new prints in the shop 
and as always, buy three get one free. Love ya'll. 

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