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Friday, July 22, 2011

she's baaaack! summer beauty by Kristin!

No need to tell me thank you girls, I'm here for you. And because I love you and I want good for you, I've got a post by Kristin. How to wear your summer hair? Makeup for an event? YES, PLEASE. I need to know both of those. 
Here's her simple and yet awesome answer!
well hey there, friends! i'm back again and so stoked because i feel like i have some helpful hints to tackle some common how-to beauty questions.

i know a lot of us are attending weddings like crazy this summer. what better way to kick off the style segments than with a cute (and SUPER EASY) up-do followed by a simple eye technique?!
lets jump right in! 

tools i use: hairspray, bobbie pins, a comb if necessary (having a little wave in your hair helps)
step 1. i'm a huge fan of day-old hair, at least, when rocking an up-do. i'm not saying dirty so be sure to grab some baby powder or a few sprays of dry shampoo if you think your hair is too oily or flat (we'll touch on shampooing later, don't you worry!)

2. section off the front portion of your hair in the way you feel the most comfortable. if you love a swooped bang do that! what if you want your bangs to blend with the rest of your hair?  try finger-combing them back and hair spraying them in place.
3. once the front section is established the rest is fun because you can't go wrong! grab about 20 bobbie pins in your hair color and, if possible, position yourself in front of the mirror so that you can see the back.

4. my favorite approach is a twist followed by a tuck. i'm not a fan of tight twists that end up looking like cornrows- i'm thinking one rotation of the hair then secure it with a bobbie pin underneath so it doesn't show. you may choose to center your twists in a bun style, but an off-center, nestled-behind-the-ear bundle of twists is always a hit.

5. spray your hair well! you won't regret the extra insurance when your dancing your heart out in the humidity!  ps. no one will be touching it and the shine in the spray typically makes it photograph well! shake your head back and forth like you mean it to make sure it holds up before you leave!
6. pop in a small flower from the garden or a fabulous pin from anthropologie if you want to kick it up a notch.
7. be proud of your cute hair! try not to bother with it or continually ask your girlfriends how it looks....if you're confident i promise they'll all want to copy your style!

ok! so now to the 
EYE!  tools i use: angle/eyebrow brush, a full and short brush for the lid, a long rounded brush for the crease, and a lash curler. make up i use: light pearl shadow, dark brown shadow (this could also be plumb, black or navy), an eyeliner in the same shade as the dark shadow, primer and mascara
step 1. when starting you'll want to make sure you've cleansed and moisturized your face and applied a complimentary foundation to create a clean slate. moisturizing is important 
even if you have oily skin (there are oodles of wonderful weightless lotions in all price ranges) to ensure your makeup goes on evenly.
2. comb your preferably tweezed/waxed eyebrows into place.  if necessary use an angled brush to apply a matte eyeshadow, in your hair's shade, to fill in any gaps. this sets the frame for your face and shouldn't be overlooked with even the blondest brows.
3. prime your eyelids. you may prefer a powder primer or a creme, but either way this will ensure your makeup doesn't settle in your creases an hour into the event.
4. cover your entire eyelid up to your brow with a light and shimmery color (i can suggest bobbi brown's champagne or aveda's illumination). the goal is to draw the eye upward and  highlight your brow bone. i promise this won't look absurd because its so light a color.
5. take the crease brush and, starting on the outside of your lid, work the darker shade toward the corner of your eye covering the lower lid. i love a soft blended look so i continue to go back and forth over the lid until its blended to my preference.

6. apply the eyeliner from the outside of your eye to the corner in a thin line along your top lash line. if your eyes are set close together try focusing the liner more heavily on the outside corners of your eye ending in the center. if you they are small don't be scared to fully line them on bottom and top to make them appear larger. note different techniques on each eye in the picture.

7. use the lash curler carefully to create a little extra drama and then apply two coats of mascara.
8. brush off any shadow that may have fallen on your cheek with a tissue so it doesn't look like dark circles!

9. enjoy being fabulous!

thanks for letting me give a couple quick hints! these have worked for me and hopefully will help you as well!
until next time!
love, kristin

Seriously, ya'll. Is she amazing or what? 
I'm SO thankful for this, I might even put on mascara this weekend! 
Hurrah! Get excited, Kristin has looooootttts more goodness in store for us.
And feel free to keep adding questions for her!  
Love ya'll! 

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