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Thursday, August 25, 2011

fresh. for. fall.

It's here! It's here! It's finally here!
A few months ago Ellen proposed I join her for a little open studio at her home, selling our wares and showing our friends what we had up our sleeves. I was so incredibly honored. My new friend, who is SO talented, thought my little prints were worthy of selling alongside her.
And the past few months and the past few days of intense work have finally culminated in, hooray! It's the day!
If you're anywhere in the area, PLEASE come out, we'd love to see you! 

Ellen will be selling her incredibly beautiful things, I'll have prints and previews (christmas cards, what!what!) and I'll also be opening up custom orders too! For that majority of you who don't live in or around Columbia, SC - I'll tell you alllll about it on Friday and maybe show you some of the new prints & things I've got coming out soon. 
I'm so thankful for what the Lord is doing in and through the etsy shop. 
It is such a huge, huge, huge honor to be a part of more scripture in more peoples homes. 
So thankful for how supportive ya'll have been. 

And one more note of import. 
Since we're thinking about FRESH FOR FALL, the talented Kristin hooked me up with some freshness for fall. Like, six inches off of freshness and some freshened up ombre color!
This is my favorite hair I've ever had. literally. 
I feel like a woman. And a little glamorous. 
Here's a before and after. 

And if you're thinking, "oh man - I wish I could see like ten more pics of that ombre", I'm here for you. Because here are WAY too many pics of the same hair. 

I'm not that obsessed with myself, just obsessed with Kristin's skills. 
And how a dark root and a red lip changes my whole life a little. 

So yes. That's what I got today. 
i'm feeling fresh for fall. 

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