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Sunday, August 28, 2011

meet Danielle!

Hey friends! Meet Danielle, from Things I am Made of. She runs a precious blog & shop and I'm thrilled to introduce you to her! 

1. Tell us about your blog & shop! 
Well, the blog and the shop are all about....The Things I am Made of...I have always felt like I didn't fit in in just one place, you know like "a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll," only times a million different things. Both the blog and the shop are where I work all that out in my thoughts and words and in my other creative processes. It is also hopefully, a way for me to put all of that creativity to a good use for our family.

2. Tell us more about your family.
My family...My husband and I have been married almost 7 years. We have a precocious 4 year old daughter who just started pre-school and who knows everything! And we have a sweet baby boy who is 14 months old and climbs everything. They fill up my life with light and goodness. My husband is a third year law student. I joke that he is learning to be a lawyer and I am learning to be a lawyer's wife. Thankfully, he is much better at the lawyer thing than I am at the lawyer's wife thing. Our path to law school was a surprise to us, but the Lord lead us very directly down this path. We are prayerfully approaching the end of this phase of our journey. Can you tell everything law school consumes our family life right now?

3. What are the issues/passions that keep you up at night? What keeps me up at night is my accounting homework, but what I am passionate about God is still working on in me. I rant and rave with the best of them, but mostly I just want things to be right. I am learning to not be a fruit inspector, and to put my own best foot forward.

4. What has surprised you most about this life? 
The thing that has surprised me the most about this life is how no matter how it falls apart God has an amazing and beautiful way of bringing it all back together. Maybe not when we want it to or how we think we need it to but eventually in the most mysterious ways God works it all out. 

5. What are some big things you dream about? 
The big things I dream about are really little things I guess...raising my kids to be happy and well-adjusted, having special family time, having some place really feel like home.

Thank you Danielle! 

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