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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

tales from the thrift & WWIT.

Holllllla! It's Tuesday! 
Around the beginning of this year, I made a commitment to only buy thrifted or second hand clothes for A YEAR. Some newer-ish readers brought to my attention that they didn't know anything about such decision, and so I thought, it's about time for an update. 

You can read about that decision here

First, an accountability update: I think I've pretty much stuck to my commitment. Per my recollection, there was a $3 shirt at Walmart that I purchased with my friend Marilee, but really she bought it for me. And I also bought a workout shirt at Target, but I'd wanted it for like 2 years, it had been discontinued & brought back. It felt right. But other than that, no real NEW items bought. 

And truly, it has not been hard at all. 
In all honesty, I'm not a HUGE shopper. I think I like the act of it, but it's rare to have TIME to do it. But when it comes to actually spending money, I'm a little bit of a hoarder. If I have $4 all to myself, it feels like a treasure and I never want to lose it, unless it's on a friend or a cup of coffee. Or on a cup of coffee for a friend. 

But I went on two large trips at the beginning of the year. Here is one. The other was with my sweet bff Mare and I was SURE I wrote a post on it, but maybe I didn't?! 

Well, for whatever reason, on Saturday morning I woke up wanting to SHOP. I specifically woke up with the idea of some beautiful cigarette pants in my mind. I wanted 'em. So, I've said this before about thrifting and I still think it's totally true - you need to go in knowing what you want. Use polyvore or pinterest or a magazine and scissors and give yourself some sort of visual image of what it is you want. I feel like this aspect of thrifting has helped me to develop my "personal style" more than anything else. Also, know that I'm dying laughing writing "personal style" because I have very little. But the more I learn, the more I look, the more I stay out of the Target juniors section, the more I know this what I like. And this is what I like: nautical, bohemian, clean lines, non-fussy, neutrals with pops of color, feminine, casual, classic, east coast meets west coast style
That is, when I'm not wearing yoga pants and an old t-shirt. 
Which is around 3 days a week at least.
something like this.
And some black cigarette pants felt integral to that. 
So what did I do? 
I gathered a big bag of clothes I wasn't wearing anymore, some that I'd even gotten second-hand, and headed to my local thrift store. I sold them what I had and got $29 in store credit. 
And with that and a little extra I got the following: new pair of designer jeans for Nick, new chucks for Nick, BLACK CIGARETTE PANTS, a flowy top that is perfectly east coast/west coast, and a new button down that is classy and nautical all at once. Also, a fun funky top that just made me smile. 
And here's I wore/plan to wear them: 

floral bohemian shirt. MUCH cute in person. $9

cig-a-rette pants. Also, I do not endorse smoking.
Just cute pants. For $20, thrifted. from banana republic.

shirt Kristin gave me, on top of them cigarette pants

"new" thrifted button down. $6

So, bottom line: 
I love thrifting. I see no reason to start buying full price clothing when this year is over. 
It's cheaper, it builds relationship (love my thrift shop lady), and it has seriously helped me identify my personal style and search for things I truly love. 
Amen and amen

Also, sidebar. MY FAVE thriftstore is Sid Nancy, here in Columbia. I love the Goodwill too, but everything at Sid & Nancy is a win AND they'll let me sell my old clothes to them. Also, when I take the kids, the store owner gives them lollipops and lets them play with her iphone, what?! 

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