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Monday, August 22, 2011

this is a story.

This is a story of the best birthday ever. 
All I wanted for my birthday this year was the following: to experience some victory. 
The story of our lives the past few years has been victory through struggle. Or grace through struggle. Or joy, in the midst of struggle. And oh, how He has rescued us through all that struggle. But all I wanted this year was for my loved ones to pray and to celebrate with us, that I believe He is calling us into a season that has joy, victory, and grace without as much struggle as before. 
This picture-story is what I pray will be a taste of a season where there is much harvest and much reaping and much growth. And MUCH celebration. 
So that He will get more glory. 

chapter one: Tuesday night I went for a run at the gym that left me with more endorphins than should be allowed. Nick had whisked the kids away on a secret trip, so I vacuumed alone and straightened the house and made quinoa burgers. That was enough of a present, we could've ended the story there! 

chapter two: I woke up at THREE am on the morning of my birthday. expectant and truth be told, a little stressed out about the giveaway on the blog, because I'd made a mistake. Stayed up, prayed Isaiah 30:18-22 over this year, went running with Ellen. We didn't take a picture. But it was so lovely. Came home to flowers and time to shower AND straighten my hair. Again, stick a fork in me. 

chapter three: went to breakfast with laura anne, steph, & kristin. so precious. we talked about prayer and fasting and how we really do believe that the Gospel is the GOOD news and something to celebrate. And we prayed and wept in a tiny restaurant and I'm pretty sure the other customers snickered. ha. I napped with Glory and Elias next, because, hello. 3am wake up. Sushi date with my love. We had a dance party in the car and my 3am wrinkles almost disqualified me from the frozen yogurt place we went to on the college campus. 

chapter four: thursday meant a family daytrip to Mt. Pleasant. Oh hallelujah. 

chapter five: birthdays in Mt. Pleasant mean seven kids. bahahahha, do you know how loud 7 kids 7 and under are? perfectly and wonderfully loud. It also means a wonderful and helpful Nonny. Lots of hummus. Couple datenights and some of the most wonderful gifts you could ever imagine. 

including, but not limited to: Naptime Diaries gear. Which feels a touch narcissistic and also feels like I have the most supportive sister in America. And a request has been made to sell ND tshirts for adoption fundraising:). We're looking into it!

chapter five: Friday was life as usual and included MORE time with Ellen (we need a pic next time, apparently) and keeping our kids up way later than normal because Friday night playing is just plain fun. Saturday brought the farmers market, and breaking in my new birthday TOMS, and our weekly fresh donuts & lemonade family-farmers-market-brunch. 

And now, I think the story is just beginning. 
Bring it on, year 28. 
I'm ready for you. 
and of course, THE GIVEAWAY WINNER. 
Alisa, if this is you! Email me at ntdiaries at gmail dot com! 

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