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Thursday, August 18, 2011

wonderful April

Hey sweet ladies. 
A. Have you checked out the giveaway? 
B. Have you used coupon code GIVEAWAY in my shop for 20% off yet? 
C. Thank you so much for the birthday love. It was seriously so wonderful. I can't wait to tell you about it. 

NOW, today! I'm beyond excited to introduce you to April, my precious friend who is a worship artist and also kind of the most wonderful woman you've ever met. The first time I talked to her was after watching her do some art in worship almost a year ago. Ever since then, I've been astounded at Christ in her, over and over. 

1.    Tell us about YOU. What's your life like? What keeps you up at night?
I am an artist, worshipper and lover of all things creative, living with the man of my dreams in Charleston, SC. I like to think our life is fabulous! Not because we have fabulous things but because we have each other. The Lord has blessed us with an incredible church family here in Charleston. Day to day our life is probably busier than it needs to be, but we love it. My husband and I are super involved with ministry at our church mostly in the worship and family ministries. One of our favorite things to do is just spend time with people. Having friends over with a little food and coffee mixed in is probably our number one. We also love thrifting, going to auctions and scouting out a yard sale every now and then. Bargain is the name of our game.

My favorite thing that keeps me up at night is a creative session with my sweetie. A late night at our table with coffee, me on one side creating something (this week it is curtains) and Robert on the other side playing or writing some music is unmatched. I LOVE this, and I hope it continues for years to come.  

2.   What is a worship artist?
I’m not sure if this is an actual job or person, but I had to call it something when I first started painting live during worship. To me a worship artist is a visual artist who uses their gifts to help lead the worship experience. Now that I don’t paint as much “live” as I used to, I kind of just identify with this name to describe what I do….my art is worship for me.
     Do you do commissioned works of art? How does someone go about getting one of those. 
      Yes! This is probably one of my most favorite types of work to do. I love when someone says, “will you paint something for me”? With a little guidance such as a verse or a theme…I will spend time thinking, planning and asking the Lord what He has for this person or family. I have always loved how these pieces turn out, because I truly feel it is a portion of what the Lord wants to share with the family who receives it. As I’m growing as an artist I don’t like too many “guidelines” I used to be more open to suggestions but now I feel it just sort of cramps my style. I hope that doesn’t sound ugly…I just love the freedom to create what comes to my heart. Here’s a picture of one I recently complete for some friends of ours. 

Someone interested in a piece like this should email me! Then we can meet or talk over the phone more about what you’re looking for.

4.    What's your favorite item in your Etsy shop right now?
Right now we’ve just got prints in the shop, my favorite would have to be the “True Life Revealed” piece. It is the final painting to my most recent series. They are not all in my shop but you CAN see all of the pieces on my website.

I created this series for a show, where I felt my job was to reach out to people who don’t know the Lord. If only to make them question, “Is there something more to life than what I see?” then I feel my job was done. Maybe not even to put the Lord’s name on that What if? But to stir the desire so that next time when someone shares with them their heart may be ready. I am looking forward to putting some vintage covered journals and handmade cards in the shop very soon.

ps, Jessi here, this is my fave piece in April's shop right now, I just bought it:)

5.   You're so great about helping people unleash their creativity, what is a small step you'd suggest to someone wanting to worship the Lord through art with no prior experience.
Come to 1445Bexley and do a late-night create with me and Robert! If you can’t do that then one of the best starters would be what I like to call a “scripture doodle”. I started doing these a few months ago to keep art in my day to day. I have a blank journal where I create these. I will just choose a scripture and then do my version of an illustration. These are never magnificent but they are a fun way to get started.   I am a firm believer that whatever you do can be worship to the Lord. When you choose to give a time to the Lord He will accept it as worship.  For me this often involves creative things. 

So, I'm so glad ya'll got to meet April. 
I pray that soon her precious art and prints is in a lot of our homes, causing us all to worship a little more. Don't forget you can use coupon code AUGUSTART for a discount in her shop

have a wonderful Thursday, friends! 

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