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Thursday, September 15, 2011

30 things about Rubes

Today is my big sister's 30th birthday. 
Her name is Katie. That sounds silly to say, because we call her Ruby. 
Or KatieRuby. Or Rubes. 
I love this woman so much I want to tear up. 
Here are my 30 favorite things/memories/characteristics of her. 

her & hunkle josh
1. I love that you love your husband fiercely, quietly, loudly, and reverently. I have learned so much about respect & honor by watching you live and love. 
2. Even though it's often at my expense, I love that you laugh when people get hurt. 
3. Despite it being really traumatic and awful, one of my favorite memories growing up was when you & the babysitter convinced me she was homocidal & trying to kill you. That's my favorite memory because I can blame allll sorts of my own crazy on that day. But it was probably just a character builder:). 
4. I love how the way you dress causes me to simultaneously praise God AND want to be a better dresser. 
5. I love your friends. The other women who love you only speak more to how wonderful you are. 

her beautiful fam
6. I love that you don't read my blog. 
7. You're probably the most natural mama I've ever met. You don't need to be intentional about most things, because He's just put it in you already. 
8. I love that you know that you're super blessed. You rarely complain about the blessings in your life, because you just know. That spurs me so much. 
9. One of my favorite birth memories ever was when you hid in the bathroom after the nurse kicked you out of my delivery room when I was having Elias. 
10. My second favorite memory is when you stole some scrubs and snuck in the nursery to see him while I was recovering. I mean, you could have gotten arrested. 
11. Thank you for teaching me so much growing up. Like how to put baby powder in my hair. 
12. Remember when we used to try to go running in college? Those are kind of sweet memories to me. 
13. I'll never forget that time you grabbed the 90 year old man (who we weren't related to) at the family funeral a few years ago and said, "I SEE ME IN YOU". 
14. Thanks for throwing that couch at nc a few years ago. 
15. Thanks for being on your knees for us in good times and bad. Thanks for crying when we're crying and laughing when we're laughing. And laughing when we're crying if we got hurt. 

her girls. 
16. For the record, I think you're good at cooking. Who else makes stuffed mushrooms? Don't see yourself short, lady. 
17. You are ABSOLUTELY the best gift giver I've ever met. I almost hate when I have to give you a gift because I could never be as good as you. 
18. I love that for my whole life, my friends have wanted to be friends with you. Except now I don't get so much jealous, I just let them share the wealth. 
19. I love that you absolutely read His word every day. When I don't feel like reading, I know you will - so I do. 
20. Remember that time on our trip to Dad's this summer and the pterodactyl-big-nasty-bug that got in the car?! I just laughed out loud during naptime. 
21. I've told you this, but the ONLY REASON I've worn lipstick 7 days in a row to preschool drop-off and pick up, is because I know you would. 
22. You were missional before anyone used the word missional. 
23. You're so artistic. In your own way that is so wonderful. So individual and only from Him. And it's beautiful. 
24. You know what? I can think of very few times in the world where you've ever been competitive. You don't care about winning or being the best, and I think that's why the Lord has been able to make you the BEST. 
25. All those years I tried to wear hats. They were really only meant for you. 

26. Remember that time when you were pregnant with Asher and you were laughing so hard we were ACTUALLY worried about labor. 
27. I love that day I gave you a larabar and you spit it out. 
28. I love that you love Jesus more than anything else in this whole world. For certain. 
29. I love that you're spending your birthday serving. You teach me how it's done. 
30. I just plain love you. So, so, so much. 
Thank you Lord so much for making Rubes. 

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