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Saturday, September 17, 2011

introducing Hannah!

I'm so excited to introduce all to Hannah today!

1. Tell us a little about yourself!I'm Hannah and I'm a Texan! Actually, I'm not really but that's where I'm living now so I'm going to claim it. I actually grew up on the mission field in Guatemala, which basically means that any silly quirks I have can be attributed to my foreign upbringing. Convenient, eh? So, almost three years ago I accidentally got a crush on my sister's best friend's brother, and he ended up talking me into marrying him. I had my inhibitions about that whole thing -- marriages are so fickle these days! -- and I was terrified out of my mind, but after we got married I was pleasantly surprised about how happy I was! We're not too big on birth control, so to add to our marital bliss we now have two little boys. It's really surprising how quickly you can make new humans. Presently I'm a stay-at-home mom with fun little hobbies that keep me far from boredom.

2. Tell us about your blog and shop!
I like blogging because it's a good outlet for the gazillion thoughts that run through my head every day. I'm not really the loud, ever-talkative type.. I always worry too much about whether people want to hear what I'm saying or not, whether they would rather be the person talking. You know, that kinda stuff. But if I'm writing in MY blog, no one will read it unless they want to so I can say whatever I want, whenever I want without worrying about who I'm boring. I also have a propensity for being painfully honest, and I like to think that sometimes I help people feel not so weird about who they are on the inside. So many of us act like we have it all together when we really don't.. it's nice to encounter other people who are weak and bruised just like we are so that we don't feel like hopeless basket cases.
As far as my Etsy shop, I started it last year sort of randomly when I was looking on the internet for good hat patterns to crochet. I ended up designing my own patterns and I thought, "Hmm, maybe I could sell these?" It's still a work in progress, but I'm happy about what I've been able to accomplish with it so far and I have lots of fun ideas for the future.

3. What is something that has surprised you most about this life?
I have to say, I never expected to give birth in a minivan on the interstate. That was pretty surprising. I wouldn't change it for the world, though! When I think about how it happened I can't help but laugh and marvel about how awesome it is that I actually got the unassisted childbirth experience I always longed for, albeit not exactly how I'd imagined. 

4. What is something you're passionate about that keeps you up at night? My youngest son. Haha. He keeps me up a lot and I'm passionate about him! ...As far as epic things, I guess I'm passionate about being wholehearted for God. The American version of Christianity is so watered down that if you want to be really on fire for God you become the anomaly. People tell you to tone things down and find reasons to criticize your lifestyle and attitude. Not to mention all of society is becoming aligned against the values of wholehearted Christianity! My desire is to be the kind of woman that God wants me to be, whether or not I fit in with societal norms. I also want to encourage other people to be wholehearted in their walk with God.

5. What's your favorite item in your shop right now!
I really like my hats. I don't know that I have a favorite.. They all have their time and place! Every once in a while I snag one to keep in my personal collection. They're just so convenient when you don't feel like messing with your hair.

beautiful, beautiful. 
Thank you for sharing with us Hannah! 

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