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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ellen. She knows what's up.

ya'll. I'm trying to live out my choosing the better portion this week by taking some time away from the internet. While I repent from the idea that I NEED to check my email 3,205 times a day, you all get to enjoy the voices of some of my favorite writers and today - one of my favorite friends. Enjoy Ellen:). 
Hi, I'm Ellen :). I blog and create and whathaveyou over at handmade recess. I'm so happy to be here with y'all today!


Didn't y'all love what Jessi shared last week about how the Lord is gently leading her to seek the good portion?

On Monday, when that post went up, I was having one of those WHEN?! days. Do you know those days? Days where I wonder when I will be the world's most awesome at every single teeny tiny thing. Because why shouldn't I be?

And the thing is that I'm not the type of person who generally thinks I'm wonderful. I have a hard time just saying thank you when someone compliments me.

Somewhere in my life I've swallowed a huge horse pill of untruth. That life is about me being perfect. And about me accomplishing things. And accomplishing them well. And looking cute PLUS! having good hair.

I can relate to Martha slaving away in her kitchen. She couldn't stop. Because who was she if she didn't make the best pie and keep her house the cleanest and show Jesus the best hospitality?

Who was she?

Mary understood. She was a daughter of the king. Everything. Everything is about Him.

When He moves in our heart and mind. When He is present. When He is pressing. We can stop the whirlygig that is our life. We can sit at His feet and rest.

Those things aren't who we are. They don't define us. They don't redeem us. They don't cover us.

And He is ever present. And so we-the we of haves and have nots, of done and not done, of mistakes and approvals-become less so that He can become more in us.

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