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Monday, October 17, 2011

I'm baaaaaaaaack.

And, I’m back.

sweet sick boys. new journal in my jammies. trying the middle part. = the good portion
I took a short internet break, and it was a re-fresh-ment.
Also, did ya’ll read those goodies from my guest posters?
I’m telling you. Each morning I logged on and savored their words like some good morning coffee. Well, let’s be real. I savored them WITH my morning coffee.
Thank you so much Casey, Ellen, Annalea, & Haley. I’m so thankful for ya’ll.

And I’ll tell you, I’m still questing for the good portion. I don’t feel like a week away from blogging or emails or twitter automatically plopped it in my lap.  In all honestly, I think the biggest thing I learned from a week of intentional choosing is that this will always be a tension. Choosing the good portion will always mean relying on Him and His word. Relying on His spirit to instruct me. Relying on accountability and community to encourage and correct me. Relying on grace when I mess it up again.
I don’t love tension. I don’t love struggle. I don’t love working. But I love our Lord and I know His grace is sufficient and He’ll always help me choose when I ask.

But for this week!
I’m refreshed! I have lots of things to say and I’m excited to share and oooooh, I had some fun design time last week and I can’t wait to show ya’ll all that too.
Happy Monday, friends. 
Here’s to choosing the good portion today!

PS: if you haven’t checked out Sashes to the Merchants yet, why not? 
Sharing my heart over there today and we’d love for you to join the conversation. 
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