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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

love these ladies.

I love these ladies. 
They are so much more than the sponsors that help me run a blog, 
they're women who have my heart. 

Can I tell you a little about them? 
1. Jacqueline. Jac is one of those ladies who quickly moved out of the title "internet friend" into "friend" status. She is precious and I love skyping with her and we may have a little secret design project up our sleeves. Check out her new series, 100 days of gratitude. 
2. Rach. Of Letters to Ames. One of the bloggers I'm proud to say I'm real life friends with. Rachael is tenacious. About EVERYTHING. About the Lord. About her family. About life. About being hot. She makes me want to be tenacious. 
3. Hayley from The Tiny Twig is cute and sassy and she's teaching us all how build a better wardrobe. Something this mama needs a lotto help with. 
4. Lauren from Seek First is a lady I'm a big fan of. Check her & her precious shop out. 
5. Ellen. Oh, Ellen. Ya'll know Ellen. 
Sashes. Handmade Recess. Sweet friend of mine. 
E, can we go to Chik-fil-A this week? Did we go last week? Let's go again. 
6. I really thank God for "meeting" Annalea. I love her voice and I LOVE her "day in the life" series. 
7. Kara. I'm not going to tell Kara's story for her, but will you go and read her blog and pray for her and learn more about the Lord through her words? I can't go there without meeting with Him.
8. aaaaand The Casey Wiegand. Gracious friend, blogger extraordinaire, & the reason why I break out my paint brushes every few months. 

Go check out these precious ladies. 
They will bless your day. 
And if you want to partner with Naptime Diaries, I'd love to have you too

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