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Friday, November 11, 2011

friday fun!

Hey friends!
It's friday!
I'm at home with (most) of my kiddos. 
I've got bread to bake. 
Laundry to do. 
And a weekend full of my man, my family and friends by my side! 
I could not be more excited. 
.... except that I'm also SUPER excited to show you some new things I have in the shop. 

I had two dilemmas: 
#1. My kids room's needed some new wall art. AND 
#2. I was having a LOT of requests for custom kids wall art. 
The solution - new customizable name prints in the shop! 
Here are the three options, lovingly named after some of my faves:) 

And to make the whole process super simple - you just purchase which design you like. 
In the purchase notes, put your names, birthdates, weights, bible verse, and 

Simple & fun, right? Check them out here
I think these would be perfect for Christmas gifts for new parents, baby dedications, baptisms, births, birthdays, or just for decorating your kids room quickly and inexpensively! 

and lastly.... I showed you guys the two blog designs I did a few weeks back? 
I'm in the process of making an official queue, but I'm going to take on TWO new design projects this weekend. If you'd like your blog to be one of those two, email me today for pricing and questions! I'd love to work with you!
Here are the two I just finished!

lovingly thrown 

Hope ya'll have an amazing Friday!
grace & peace friends! 

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