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Thursday, December 1, 2011

rachel's four reasons!

Rachel's kiddos!

Hey friends! While I'm en route to Seattle, I wanted to take a quick second and tell you about my friend Rachel and her independent business through Norwex. Norwex is an environmentally conscious cleaning supply company and a few months ago Rachel asked me to try their products. I have to say, I'm in love.

The stack of stuff she sent me sat in a corner, and everytime I saw it, I remembered I needed to use it, but quickly forgot again. And then one day, I found myself without any clean cleaning rags and COMPLETELY out of laundry detergent. To my Norwex pile I went and I so AMAZED. The cleaning cloths are designed to be used with water and somehow, your house gets clean. I'm not even kidding. And the laundry detergent is wonderful and got even our coffee-and-poop-stained clothes (that's right, I said it) clean. I'm a huge fan. 

I asked Rachel to answer a few questions about Norwex so we'd understand better!

How did you get introduced to Norwex?
 they worked it was easy to empty out all those scary chemical from under my sink and never look back!  After I started using the products I began researching the company and their vision, To improve quality of life by radically reducing the use of chemicals in personal care and cleaning,  I knew this was a company that I could get excited to work for. The more I looked into the harm that chemicals could do to me and my family, the more excited I got 
about selling Norwex to my friends and family!

With my husband is seminary full time and four very little children our budget and time is super tight so I had been looking for a stay at home mommy job that would be a good fit for us for a while but had not found anything. Until one day a family friend  who professionally cleans houses was over at my home and told me that she had stopped using harsh chemical cleaners in all of her clients homes. She said that she had replaced her chemical cleaners with products from a company called Norwex and that she loved it so much she was thinking about selling the products too. The next time she came over she brought her amazing Norwex microfiber cloths and cleaned my french doors(that are always covered in fingerprints, snot, and slobber) with her cloth and water and it was beautifully clean. At that point I was sold! Once I started cleaning with these products and saw how awesome

What is your favorite product? 
Oh, this is a really hard questions because I have been so super pleased with everything I use. The enviro cloth is the backbone of the company, it is what I use the most often, I use it to wipe all my surfaces and children in my home! This has replaced my lysol wipes, surface cleaners and paper towels!  The microfiber is the best in the industry and proven to remove up to 99.9% of all germs and bacteria from the surface.

But the one product that has most revolutionized my cleaning has to be  the Mop, I have always hated moping and it has literally made we like moping. I have had scary tendril mops, sponge mops, swiffer wet jets, swiffer pads and a steam mop in the past and this is the best clean I have ever gotten plus no chemicals on the floor!

I have to mention one more awesome product from our amazing body line, the body cloths, I use this to wash my face and body in the shower. I no longer us face cleanser or makeup remover. Just the cloth and water and the acne that I have always had on my back is gone!

If ladies are wanting to start out with just an initial product or two, what would you suggest? This is easy go customer specials on my website and get the holiday cleaning pack. This is the most bang for your buck. These three things(enviro cloth, polishing cloth and dusting mitt) can literally clean almost your whole home with only water. For more details on how to use these three products go to my blog and watch the videos. You will not be disappointed!

Thank you Rachel for introducing us to Norwex!
Check out Rachel's blog for more information. 
And to see her cute four reasons:) 

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