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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

gypsy for Jesus?

I blame you, cute gypsy girl from Sherlock Holmes. 
The true story is I most definitely fell asleep during Sherlock Holmes, but every time I woke up I thought - "man, I want to be a gypsy". The jewel tones! The full, nappy hair that I already have! The floppy hat! The blatant disregard for editing when it comes to accessories! I want to be a gypsy!". 

And then I found a $3 floppy hat from H&M and it was on. 

And heaven help me, ya'll. 
I may have had a conversation with my husband where I may have used the phrase "gypsy for Jesus". If I can spiritualize wearing floppy hats and flowy skirts, I will try. 
No for real - it still seems right to me. 
Except gypsies are notorious crooks. 
Oh well. Maybe we can give them a new reputation?

Bring on the bangles. 
And please tell me I'm not the only weirdy who gets hooked on some sort of visual scheme and wants to integrate it into every single ever loving piece of their life. 
Chevron anyone? 
Missoni knows what I'm talking about. 
either way -
this gypsy loves yall. 

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