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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

the important bits

I thought I'd share some of the tidbits of our new little in between life here in Fort Weezy.

this is me & Benja. you gotta appreciate any kid who will still kiss you AND make faces with you.

- We're nearing the very end of our transition season and hope, hope, hope we'll be moving into our new house next week. It's a sweet little (big to us!) house in a neighborhood that we love and we've just been waiting on a new heater and shower to be installed. I'm hoping that this weekend includes lots of praying over the rooms and painting! 

- In the meantime, we've still been staying with our close friends/pastor & his wife and it's been a blast. It looks like lots of coffee, lots of laughing in the kitchen, lots of kiddos, lots of deep talks and sharpening, and lots of dishes. We're anxious to give our friends their home back, but we will treasure this season for a long time to come. 

one half of elijas. if he looks somber, it's cause he's missing his partner in crime.
- One funny and precious thing that has developed in this season: Elijas. Our friends have a little boy named Elijah and of course, we have an Elias. And together, they form - Elijas. And they're basically inseperable. Thick as thieves. If they don't get to play for hours on end, they get sad and when we talk to either party about the fact that we are eventually moving out of the same home, tears come. I love those sweet boys and I can't wait to see how the Lord uses their friendship for His glory. 

I don't suggest baking bread for friends when you're on HCG.
- We're still doing the HCG diet and it's still woopin' my ever loving tail. I think I've got about one week left and I feel like if I eat another serving of cabbage, .... well. I'll stop before I complain. On the upside, I have been off my thyroid meds for about a month! Hallelujah! And my skin looks less like a puberty-ridden teenager than it has in years! 

some elements that I'll have worked into the new prints! 
- I'm getting ready to do a big Design shop Relaunch this week! New prints, some mixed-media including some hand-drawn art. I'm redoing the way my shop works, hopefully making it easier to customize prints, easier to buy three get one free, and easier to purchase custom work. There will most definitely be a MASSIVE amount of prints on sale as well, as I go from about 60 listings to 30. Maybe Thursday? Hopefully?! If I work real hard! 

these two. and their mugshots.  love them. even when they're up to no good and smell like poop
- Lastly, I've never been so sharpened so much as I have in the past few weeks that we've been at Gospel Community. I'm so blessed by this community that I've barely begun to dig into. I'm so excited to serve with them and learn from them and grow together. I think you'd be so blessed to pop by this site where all our videos/sermons are stored and stay awhile. 

What about you? 
What are you up to? 

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