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Monday, March 19, 2012


Well, hello ladies. 
(and the few brave male souls that venture here. like nick. and dad.)
Do you notice the NEW?
I've been working on so many blog designs lately, that lo and behold I realized -

And since Lindsey from Out of Alabaster and I have teamed up on these fun prints, we decided to also team up on blog design! So now, you can get a Naptime Diaries custom designed blog WITH your own personalized Out of Alabaster silhouette. Now has is that for good news on a Monday?!

And speaking of blog design, I'm only taking two more clients this month - so if you're interested, email me today! I'd love to tell you more about the cool things we could do with silhouettes and the discount Lindsey is offering ND customers! 

Here are some examples of 
recent ladies I've gotten to work with!

we took Rachael from Letters to Ames
and turned it into The Kincaid Parade

we got to build bonnbonn boutique from scratch! 
Seriously, I love doing blog design so much. 
Each time I do an install, I spend that whole night telling my husband 
"man, I love doing blog design". 
It feels like redecorating someone's living room. 
Which is another favorite past-time. 
Long story short - email me if you're interested: jessi connolly at gmail! 

One more quick thing! 
This past weekend, I posted a picture of my new cleaning schedule on instagram and there were a few friends asking to be able to purchase something customizable and similar on the Etsy shop. 
And soooo..... I present: 

I'm gonna give it a short run in the shop and see how it goes. 
But first - I better go do my Monday cleaning just to keep it real. :)
Especially since you all know I need to put up my laundry now. 
Happy Monday! 

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