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Thursday, March 22, 2012

not your average home tour, part one.

I've got nothing against blogging home tours if that's your thing. 
You know what kind I'm talking about. Where you show off the loveliness and sweep the rest under the rug or into the closet. 
But since my blogging motto has always been, "less of a trophy case, more of a coffee date", I tend to stay away from that kind of thing. 

But I have a dilemma. Far away friends who want to see our new home. And a genuine gratefulness that I want to share. And talented friends who have contributed to the beauty here that I want to promote. 

And thus, we get. 
Not your average home tour. 

I promise to only post real-life, taken at 6:30pm during the witching hours pictures. And to sweeten (or sour?!) the deal, we've loaned out our nice camera - so it's only iphone pictures today. I'll go bit by bit through the house, starting with the only room that's about 90% done. 

I'm excited. 
There's nothing more than I like having a friend over for coffee. 
So come on in, and look around. 

Come on in! We're playing dollhouse. Up those stairs are our bedrooms, and over here - here's my nana's infamous gold couch. 

You know the first time Nick visited my nana's house, he fell in love with that couch. Over time, I think he slipped her bribes for it. Either way, when she moved out this past November, she made sure he knew it was ours. I am usually as obsessive about the pillows being lined up as she was, but I'm tried to keep it REAL for you. 

Over there, there's my nook. That chair, suitcase, cubby - all of it was just sort of donated/gifted/picked out of the trash since we moved here. I feel like it completes this house. And just behind that is the up-the-stairs-art-wall.

The only part of this room I haven't finished is making one of these shades/lanterns for that hanging bulb. Hoping to get to it this weekend. 

Here are a few of my favorite pieces. 
My scripture art by Carrie
Glory's silhouette by Lindsey
Naptime Diaries India Indiana print (typo, oops)
Arrow painting by Hello Hue
commissioned Arrow piece by Worship Artist

Oh, and back to the cubby. Did I show you the cubby? It was getting thrown out our church and Nick brought it home. He kept telling me he had something I was going to love and sure enough when I saw it, I kissed it. Literally. 

But the cutest part of the room? 
Well, we know that takes no explanation. 

Part two up soon!
Thanks for stopping by! 

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aPearantly sew said...

Your home is lovely! I love your decorating style. Everything feels so personal and cozy.