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Thursday, March 1, 2012


Can I tell you a story? 
Last year, we were in the hospital with Glory's epilepsy and I noticed a large amount of people were sharing Psalm 46:5 with us. It's a beautiful passage and I was just super blessed by it. 

One night when we were in the PICU and Glory was resting, I started making this "print" of it, only I didn't know it was a print. I was just kind of playing on the computer. 
This is what happened: 

A week or so later, at the encouragement of a few friends, I listed a few of these in an Etsy shop I'd created years ago without using. I blogged about it (naturally), and what do you know?! I sold a few! Thank you Jesus! 

Nick and I kept saying, "How cool would it be if we sold 100 this year?!".
Ha. The truth is, we had no clue what we were doing. 
No clue the best way to print them, market them, design them, schedule time to run this business. And as the year went on, and we eventually sold something like 1200 prints before the year was up, we were blessed AND overwhelmed. 

And now, we're in this whole new season - where the Etsy Shop is a big part of our family and Nick is spending a good portion of time helping me whip it into shape. We're taking the quality of the design, printing, customer service, etc, EVERYTHING seriously and really trying to bless others with these goodies. 

And so - I give to you.....
the Naptime Diaries relaunch. 
Without much more talk, I'll start showing you really quickly what is new in the shop. 

#1. We've made it easier to order. 
Clearer product descriptions, easier custom order process, easier custom colors, easier buy three get one free ordering! 

#2. We've introduced a whole new set of products. 

After a lot of encouragement from friends and a lot of dreaming and doodling on my part, I've released the first three pieces in a new collection of mixed media prints that contain digital design and my own hand-drawn design. These things are so sweet printed and I hope you guys will just LOVE them. 

love these two newbies! psalm 46:5 and happy the home

#3. We've marked a LOT on sale
I want to start carrying around 30 prints at all times, so I have a good amount of designs that need to get shuffled out. Now, in the sale section of the shop, you'll find a lot more prints and once they're gone, they're gone! 

#4. You know we've got a coupon code! 
You can't have a shop relaunch without a coupon code. For the next week, I'd love for you guys to enjoy using the code RELAUNCH for 25% off everything in the shop! New prints, old prints, sale prints, custom prints, large poster prints - you name it! 

Most of all, i just want to say thanks. 
I am so thankful for each of our customers and friends and blog readers.
Thank you for loving our family and our little family business and spreading the word about this relaunch!
Now!!! Go enjoy that coupon code:) 

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