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Thursday, April 19, 2012

april celebrates. and boy, does she create.

If you've been around Naptime Diaries at all, you know about April
Hopefully you saw the fun new print we got to work on together, that debuted yesterday
If you've been in my home, you've stood in front of one of my two massive paintings of hers and said, "WHO DID THIS?" and at that point, I pulled you in my kitchen, poured you some coffee and told you all about April. 

I'm not gonna steal her time to talk, but I'll just tell you. 
The Lord has really used her in my life and I want you to listen to her, ok? 

yep. she's always this cute. 
April, tell us how you think creativity and celebration play a roll in a believer's life. 
I think both of those play a big role in our lives as believers. Personally as an artist creativity plays a big part in my life. God is creator and as He created us I feel that creativity is for everyone, artist or not. Right now I think creativity and craftiness is trendy...which is good because lots of people are trying new things. But some people may still feel that it's off limits to them... I think we should feel that right to creativity as believers. That's so much of my heart as an artist-spreading the creative love. And Celebration, YES. Always, celebrate...I think sometimes in my life I get so busy trying to maintain and control the crazy that I forget to celebrate. We don't have a family yet, but I feel that when we do it's just going to get crazier so we might as well embrace the crazy and just celebrate. Celebrate the moments big and small. Jesus is a celebrator so we should follow in it. 

For the lady who says, "I'm not creative at all", what are a few first steps you'd share to encourage her? 
Well, first I might rebuke it, because I hear that from people all the time and I don't think it's true. Our God is the inventor of creativity and we have a direct connect to Him as believers...and the same power that raised Christ from the dead lives in us! Not to over spiritualize creativity, but let's not forget whose we are. We may not all be world renown designers or artists, but surely if we are desiring some creativity in our hearts God is able to give that to us. I would encourage you to get into God's word as a first step. The word is what often inspires me in my creativity. I try to visualize what a scripture could look like....and then I might do a #scripturedoodle, not to over preach the doodle, but that's the season I'm in :). Sometimes when I'm feeling stumped creatively I will try a new charcoal or collage to mix things up. Alot of times I am creating work for others and often I forget to just do some work for fun, for me just to get the juices flowing. 

What is something you're 
celebrating right now? 
One thing I'm celebrating right now is God's love for us. We heard a great message at our church this past week on God's love. How He created us out of His abundance of love simply so that He could love us. He does not need us, but chooses us to love. It's so easy to get busy with doing God's work and giving to God that we forget, He did not create us to do things for him, He wants to love us. We have to learn to let God love us and His love is not earned, it is a gift. I forget that often, so right now I am celebrating it!!

What's been your favorite creative project in the last year or so? 
My favorite creative project I've done this past year is probably my pea series, titled "Our Journey". I did the series for an art show back in October. But I really painted it to tell our story of wanting to become parents and waiting on our "peas" to come. I think it's probably some of my best work, not because of content but because of the truth behind it. Only God can make a story of heart ache beautiful and that's what he's done for us.

Thank you sweet friend for 
sharing your wisdom with us!

((all print winners will be announced on Friday!))

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Tami Hagglund said...

The peas painting makes me want to cry!