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Monday, May 28, 2012

influence goes to Nashville.

I have to say, the whole materialization of The Influence Conference blesses me, freaks me out, and delights me all at once. You guys are coming! You're excited to come! We're excited your coming. The speakers are all coming! 
They're excited to be coming! It's excitement all around.

this is me. driving to Indy to join up with Hayley. Excited beyond excited!

But there is a LOT to do.
And one thing that just had to be done is we that Hayley and I had to take a little trip to Nashville. We were interested in the super cute scarves that FashionABLE is selling and we loved the idea behind their business - teaching women in Ethiopia to make scarves, giving them a sustainable business and way out of prostitution and sex slavery.
And we had visions of hundreds of women running around Indiana in October with beautiful scarves around their necks and the story of these women in their heart.

we heart fashionABLE

So went to Nashville to hear more!
And while we were at it, we figured - why not get about 10 hours of meetings out of the while we drove? AND, why not meet up with some sweet Influence speakers and community leaders while we were there?! Well, we missed some of that Nashville gals due to scheduling conflicts - we we got some sweet time with Blair
Amanda, Jessica, Raechel - we missed you ladies! 

these two cuties!

And so, we did.
And here are the bottom line things you need to know that were decided on that trip:

1. I really really appreciate The Tiny Twig (and I still sometimes call Hayley "the tiny twig"). After spending 24 straight hours with her, I'd like to tell you all - this is a legit lady. Her heart is more beautiful than you know and she is way wiser at business that anyone I've ever met. But she also doesn't make a move without Jesus. 
2. We really missed our partner in crime, Casey
It made me long for October all the more!
3. FashionABLE is going to be an important part of Influence and
 I could not be more grateful.
4. If you're looking for group discount tickets to the conference - 
5. We've added two new community leaders (Welcome Gussy and Jenna!!!!) 
and a new speaker (Woohoo - Mama Pea) to our conference line-up!
6. We really like talking about Influence on our personal blogs, but we know you can't all come and you might grow tired of hearing about the conference week after week. So starting next week - there will be an official Influence blog, 
because there IS a lot more fun stuff to share:).

all these changes will be on the website soon.
In the meantime, just get excited! All that work done in ten hours of car meetings = more surprises, more fun, more plans, more prayers that we cannot wait to share with you.

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