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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

fave night of the month

Seriously, I am quickly developing a new favorite night of the month. 
A few months ago, I changed the way I did sponsorship on my blog and decided that more than guest posts and giveaways, if women were trying to grow their online endeavors - the best thing I could offer them was community and encouragement. 

And so far, that was one of the best "professional" blogging decisions I've made. 
Last night I had our monthly call with Ashley, Brittany, Melody, Alissa, Tiffany, Nat, and Michelle.
We missed you Brittany, Shannon, &  Emily
We laughed, I don't think we cried, we prayed, we had fun and I'm pretty sure we all left encouraged and excited to do what the Lord has for us. 

On the group video chat, we get to know one another - what businesses/endeavors/blogs we're running. We share strengths and encouragements. We ask questions. We pray. And when we leave, we get off that video chat with a few more friends and allies. 

If you'd like to be a part of this fun little posse in July, you can find out more details here and sign up right on my blog. 
It's gonna be a fun month around here for SURE! eBooks, funny stories, family stuff, and more! 
Join the party! 

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