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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

from my heart to yours.

I told myself that this week wouldn't be the week of the eBook in our world. 
I wasn't going to post about it every day on the blog and our family life couldn't revolve around what was going on online, just like every other week. 

And yet, there have been a few questions asked that I'd love to address so no one is confused. 

Here's what the book is NOT about: 
- it's not about submission
- it's not about women in the church
- it's not about women vs. men
- it's not at all about women being subdued or forgotten

Here's what the book IS about: 
- it is about the gospel
- it is about women making much of Jesus 
- it is about women leveraging their stories for the gospel 
- it is about being gentle and quiet women because 1 Peter 3:4 calls us to that
- it is for extroverts, introverts, naturally (audibly) quiet women and women who are constantly called the life of the party. 

And here is just a hopefully clear word from my heart to yours. 
This eBook is for all women and it has three main points: 
1. God has given you a voice, He has given you influence. Yes, you. 
2. We are called to speak life to the people listening to us - in good times and bad. 
We're called to speak life truthfully and hopefully - because our hope is in Jesus. 
3. The best place to start doing anything is to to get gentle and quiet before the Lord. 

And another true story from my heart to yours: 
I feel like a vulnerable little baby putting these words out for so many to read. If you're picturing a bold, wise, confident woman who is pushing her opinions down your throat - you've got the wrong picture:). 

Picture a mama, in her yoga pants, having her quiet time and praying for her friends and her online friends and herself. Picture a feeble heart, upheld only by her Savior, that is about 10% passionate vision and 90% self doubt. She feels vulnerable putting her words and her heart and her story out for so many to read and yet she is banking it all on the fact that she KNOWS God wants to use the women she knows to make much of Himself. She knows He wants them to get quiet before Him and then be sent with His good news. She herself struggles greatly with the delicate balance of being loud and about her own glory and trying to completely silence Christ in her due to fear. 

So I hope that sets some mind at ease. 
I've got a million opinions, but I fly one flag. 
In real life, online, with my best friends, with you.
Jesus. His Gospel. The Good News. 
That's it. That's all I've got. 

And just so you don't have to take my word for it, here are a few words from some others who've read the book: 
Be Quiet and Say Something is like sitting down at Starbucks with Jessi. It’s like a lunch and playdate at Chick Fil A. It’s like sitting on her couch with your knees tucked in and your heart hanging out. Just like it. - Ellen, Handmade Recess

be quiet & say something was an encouragement to see that, truly, God has given me much influence right where i am {with my husband, kiddo, family, neighbors & gifts} and also a sweet challenge to be wise with that influence and allow Jesus to make much of himself through my words, my life and the specific personality he has given to me. - Julie, Green Eggs & Hammes 

Be quiet and say something was about silencing your wants and being used by God, letting him show you what you voice is. Tiffany Pate, Mrs. Pate Writes

Right now. Today. This morning--I will go upstairs and influence my kids. My husband. My mom. My coworkers. My readers--all 6 of them :) And I will desperately cling to Him, so that the words are HIS. And I will see as His words bear fruit, and give life, and change lives, just as He has promised. Ashley Ward, Ward Family Ramblings

Head over to the website for even more information, table of contents and a sample of the eBook. 

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