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Friday, July 6, 2012

home. new. vote.

1. We're home from the hospital. 
Woosh. So much I want to say. 
My little heart is busy processing. 
Glory-ory is doing just great. She is really back at 100% and I think she'd love to go back to the hospital to get waited on hand and foot. 
Last night as we put her to bed, she asked Nick and I if there was anything she could do to NOT "throw up like that again" (she calls seizures "throwing up"). 
It broke my heart and all at once made me just praise the One who has sustained her through such massive seizures. 
We're doing all we can to make sure she never has another one that big again. 
Have I mentioned THANK YOU for praying? Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 
I'm gonna do some writing this weekend & tell ya'll more about last week, but for now - thank you for seeking the face of the Father with us.

2. I'm back online and remembering - oh goodness I have a lot of work to do!
As I'm getting everything sorted in the shop and online, here is a new print for you all.
My amazing friend Jenna suggested it, but as I designed it - of course my heart was on my girl and this past week. We are not consumed. His compassions never fail. Great is Your faithfulness.
This one is on sale in the shop for the weekend - $8. 

3. Could I get ya'lls opinion on something? 
In all the hustle and bustle of the week, I may or may completely have let getting the eBook ready! Ack! I have an eBook coming out on MONDAY - July 9th! 
Tell your mama, tell your friends, that thing is gonna be for sale. 
(ahem - for just $7.99!!!) 
But could ya'll help me out?! 
I need helping choosing a design cover! 
The lovely and talented Allie helped me on it and I have two final choices! 

I hope ya'll will come back on Monday and love the book.
And we'll all laugh and cry together. :) 
Happy Friday, friends! 


Anonymous said...

I really like B! -Kara

Anonymous said...

I'm kinda leaning towards B more ;)

aPearantly sew said...

I like A :)

Aleen said...

I like option A :)

Shannon :: The Scribble Pad said...

Choice B is my favorite.

Anonymous said...

I like option B visually… But I like the use of a subtitle an option A!

Ryan Battles said...

I'm going with B. The font is more timeless, and the ampersand gives it some interesting flair.

Ashley said...

I choose B!

Ashley said...

I like B too (different Ashley than above)

Amanda said...

Same here!

Brittany said...

I love them both, especially the "catch phrase" in A, but I think B is better for an ebook cover.

Anonymous said...


Carly @ Mason's Roost said...

Ditto! Love the subtitle. I think it will explain the book better but design B. So excited for you Jessi

melissa said...


Beth Ann said...

Choice B. More attention grabbing- more "voice" to it if that makes sense.

Amy said...

How about A with B's background???

Rin said...

I like b

So glad that Glory is home. What a good God we have.