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Friday, July 27, 2012

the ones I love.

You know that super fun night of the month that I keep blogging about? 
The night of the month where I host a group video chat with other bloggers/business ladies? Well, it was last night

I just have to say again - one of the best blogging decisions I've made. 
This night is always SO encouraging. 
We talk about strategy, we talk about our hearts. 
We talk about where we want to see the online world go. 
We talk about our issues and our questions. 
We talk about working with other companies and brands and all kinds of bidness. 

And I'll let you in on a secret: 
I think I'm only going to do it for three more months. 
For the next three months, leading up to Influence, I want to keep this little community within a community going. I want to build off the momentum we're working with and keep spurring one another on. 

And since I'm only doing it for three more months - I'm offering a little deal. If you want to secure a spot on that call for the next 3 full moons - I'll give you one month free. When you go to my "advertise" page and buy adspace - use discount code threemonths and you'll get three months worth of advertising for the price of two. Fun, huh? 

Now, on to last night! 
Try as I might, I sure enough could not get a good screenshot of all of us. I got one, and if I put it up, the girls would all send me hate mail because there were some baaaaad awkward screenshot faces. 
But I do want you to meet them. 
Spend some time this weekend checking these beauties out. 

1. Melody is just hands down one of my favorite people on earth. 
She is also the owner of my favorite Etsy shop. Those are strong words and I mean them. 
I think her nest rings are a life necessity. 
2. Shannon is a prolific blogger and also makes AMAZING stationary type products. She has actual real talent and I love all her words. 
3. ya'll. You gotta know Grace. She's a young lady running after Jesus and dressing preciously modest along the way. 
4. Tiffany is in the midst of running a super fun bra drive for! You should absolutely check it out. 
5. Alissa is a gal who knows her stuff. She's a blogger, a business owner, and an encouraging texter. I think she is a lady to watch. Big things happening with that one. 
6. 5ohwifey is as cute as she looks in this picture and I think she's just a really genuine and loving blogger. She loves her Jesus and her family and women. I'm spurred on by her. 
7. Michele is a sickly talented photographer & vintage shop owner. And a conversation with her is like a warm peach pie with a side of strong coffee. She is wise and gentle and loving and precious. 
8. Tatiana from has an amazing business that I just love, love, love. Natural products for home, body, baby AND organic coffees and teas. Do not miss out on her wonderful family business. 

So yeah - go say hey to these precious ladies this weekend 
and maybe join us next month? Or for the next three? 

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