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Monday, August 20, 2012

snapshots of a blessed life.

The more birthdays that go by, the more I feel straight up spoiled by the Lord. 
We don't have a lot of money, we don't have a fancy house. 
We don't necessarily live in our dream city and Lord knows I occasionally feel sorry for myself because I miss my family. 
But goodness gracious - I'm grateful for our life. 

I'm a fan of this one. 

My birthday weekend started on Thursday night when I got to go on a date with the hottest guy I know. We ate some pizza and breadsticks so good that I couldn't help repeatedly saying "thank you JESUS! thank you JESUS!". Nick said we didn't need to formally bless the food because I was doing it so exuberantly. 

Then we went to a movie and went home ALONE because our bebes were at a sleepover. Which meant we could SLEEP IN UNTIL 8:30 on my birthday morning. I laid in bed and read sweet twitter messages and emails and then went on a quick run. Stopped at my neighbor's house at the end of my run and heard about some miraculous things the Lord was doing in her life that we'd be praying for. Walked in to find a package from my mama + sister and packed up my books and quiet time material to go to a late breakfast/reading date with my man. Stick a fork in me, I was already done!!!!

baby bump + apple & bacon donuts = happy jess.

Kids came home, we cleaned house and started cooking and then had a dozen or so friends over for a birthday eating fest. We all made "southern-ish" treats, but really everyone just brought the MOST DELICIOUS THING they could think of. There were bacon apple donuts, gooey brownies, mini apple pies, baked brie & walnuts with pears and apples, peaches & cream. Ya'll. I could go on. I would've unbuttoned the top button of my jeans if they weren't already held together by a hair tie. 

Saturday and Sunday were filled with more sweetness. A manicure from my mama. Hanging with neighbors in the front yard. Haircuts for kiddos. 

when my sister saw this picture she said, "do you really have that many friends?".
I think... I do! 

I'm just writing all this to say, I feel like the Lord gave me one massive gift this birthday. He gave me eyes to see that spending a minute mourning what ISN'T in my life is very silly and futile and wasteful. It isn't a lot of things, but it IS exactly what it's supposed to be. 

You know that feeling you get when you realize you're not in school any more, there is no big assignment coming up - you can just live? Even though I still have work and assignments and days to get through, I'm having that feeling. Something lifting that says - You can just live! Just live and know you're a daughter. And you're blessed, ok? 

I am blessed woman. 
And I have a feeling you are too. 
Even if it's in a totally different way. 


Anonymous said...

wow what a great birthday!!! happy birthday and thank you for the reminder that whatever we have comes from the Lord so everything is a blessing!!

Nicole said...

Those IG pics made me crave donuts that I've never even heard of!! So glad you had a wonderful bday and this post is a great reminder for me, to stop living in the 'if onlys' and be thankful for all the gifts the Lord has blessed me with! :)