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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

a fair trade

The shop! The shop! 
Sometimes, Nick does such a good job running the Naptime Diaries Shop, I forget about it. 
Until I get a little creative itch or he emails me and says "hey! get a creative itch."

So today's post could also be title "A Creative Itch + A Fair Trade". 

Here's some new bebes we've got in the shop! 

A set of four "I AM" prints
All designed in pantone's 2012 fall colors so your walls can be on the cutting edge of design. 

Also a new Psalm 139 print, designed in two colors!

And now for the trade? 
Now, in the shop, there is a cute little button on each individual print's page that says "Tweet for Discount". If you click on that button + have a twitter account, it will make you a premade little promotional Naptime Diaries tweet to share our shop with the your people. Once you send the tweet, a discount code automatically pops up and you get 15% off your next purchase for everything in the shop. 

Sweet deal? We think so! 
So if you have a sec today today, go check out the newbies and we'll give you a fair trade. 
A shout out for a discount. 
Let's write scripture on some more walls! 

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