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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

FRESH. ((a new naptime diaries shop))

Today's the day, today's the day!
A few months back, we knew for several reasons - a shift was coming for us. 
We have loved Etsy, the Lord has grown our little business from scratch on Etsy, but a change was coming. For longevity sake, we knew Naptime Diaries need it's own space to grow and change. We wanted a more comprehensive place for our customers to settle into. AND we wanted to launch a whole new line of prints - so it seemed like the best time to combine those things. 

So - now we present the brand spankin' new & fresh -  

In addition to a NEW website with NEW prints, we have all NEW packaging and additions to our packages. We've got some stellar branding to stick with, a free new Deuteronomy Six mini print included in every purchase and of course - our cute little kraft paper packages. 

So we've got NEW prints, NEW branding, NEW website, NEW packaging. 
And on top of that - a few weeks ago we bought a brand new printer. It's the professional grade printer that we've oogled over since we ever found out what a print shop is - and every single print that comes out looks so fantastic. We're so thrilled to be sending the absolute best quality print we can to every single customer, every single time. 

my favorite print models. 
And today through Sunday - to celebrate - we're offering 30% off everything in the new shop using coupon code FRESH - this will be the last big sale we have before black friday + we've got tons of new prints to share with you! 

Here is just a small smattering of some of the 
new ones we've got in the shop! 

so to recap
- brand new EVERYTHING. Here
- all new prints on sale for 30% off using coupon code FRESH. 
- if you WANT to share the goods on pinterest, twitter, facebook - we won't be mad at you! 

ps - our etsy shop is still semi- running. we'll still process orders from over there as people get used to the switch, there is just a super limited collection! 

pss - want a new naptimediariesshop button? email me at jessiconnolly at gmail and I'll send you one over! 


aimk said...

Trying to buy the Lord bless yoe and keep you. Nothing is working
I cant choose color. I cant get 30% off. I cant even get it in the car

aimk said...