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Monday, October 1, 2012

time to dance.

Maybe you celebrate your birthday big.
Maybe you're a Christmas FREAK. 
Maybe you like Easter or that good first long summer day. 

Me, I'm an October girl. 
The only thing I like possibly more than October is November. 
For me, in October - I come alive and all I want to do is celebrate. 
But I'm still in that good celebrating sweet spot where I'm productive. 
By November, the productivity is missing and I want a latte, a long chilly walk with my kids, and a meal the size of Antartica with family. 

This October. She's got me REAL excited. 
The Influence Conference, the fruition of big dreaming + God's grace + hundreds of hours of work. 
Pumpkin patch trips with my kiddos. 
Maybe a zoo trip before it gets too cold. 
Sharing my christmas card creations with y'all. 
Long hours of writing for SheReadsTruth
A hopeful redo trip back to the South to make up for my last one. 
Making fun fall memories with new friends in Indiana. 
And dancing. 

On Naptime Diaries this month, the theme is gonna be celebrating. 
Dancing, even. Rejoicing in all the things that pop up. 
Straight up laughingly praising God for His daily grace. 
Even rejoicing in bedrest that means I can't actually dance, except from a chair. 

Join me in a little celebrating, will you? 
For everything, there is a season. 

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