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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

calling all bloggers.

Attention - all bloggers. 
ALL bloggers. If 5 people read your blog or 500,000. 
If you just started or you been going since the interwebs was invented. 
You have questions and I know a lady who has some answers. 
My precious friend and bidness partner, Hayley, has written an amazing resource for bloggers of all sorts and I cannot recommend it enough. It answers the questions that people ask me allll the time and it answers the questions that I hadn't thought to ask myself just yet. 

I am so in love with this eBook, I'm buying a copy for one of you and giving it to you myself as a Christmas present. To enter, simply leave a comment below telling me about your blog. The one you haven't started or the one you spend 15 hours a week on:) 

One thing Hayley shares her wisdom about in the eBook is design + branding + creating a blog look that you love. I've been in the midst of some serious vision casting for my own little internet home and I feel like I have a really firm grasp of where Naptime Diaries is headed in 2013. That being said, I'm trying to now create a design that fits my voice and my goals and that I can really stick with for at least 9 months - a year. 

I'm no longer taking on blog design clients so I can devote my time to finishing up my old clients and when I have time, pouring out all my design energy HERE. I've sat down with Hayley's eBook and my own blog design questionnaire to start creating a vision board for where I want to head. 

Want to see a sneak peak? 
We'll see how it fleshes out in the next few weeks! 

I'm not sure how to translate gold triangle earrings into a blog design -- but if it's possible 

Now, go leave that comment or just GO BUY THAT EBOOK


nthecity said...

I blog over at a Secondary Heartbeat ( It's going through redesign (by YOU Jessi!) And I really see it as my little attempt at sharing the Gospel. I'm excited to read the eBook because I bet it'll be useful. :)

Jessica said...

I blog at Meet the Magnolias! It started as a fun blog with two of my friends, but after reading about the Influence Conference and hearing sermons lately, I'm trying to reshape it into a real, applicable, Jesus-loving space.

Robin @ our semi organic life said...

This is now on my Christmas list!

Nicole said...

I blog over at thoughts from a Dumas... I used to blog about life as it happened...adventures, cooking, church...and then along came a baby who has taken over the blog :)

Emily said...

There's a tiny space of the Internet out there that's just blooming into a place to compile all the things that make life grand. Just starting to take joy in it but no content yet ..
Hayley's book is on my amazon wishlist. :)

Bree said...

I'm the real deal going through real stuff needing Jesus every day over at

Bonhomie said...

Oh yay! I blog at I'm still finding my voice :) I had another blog with a moderate following but for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to start another from scratch *wink*

Alys Hejl said...

I blog over at and I very recently started the move towards using the blog to help spur on my small business. There are many times when I feel completely lost and overwhelmed. I write about those times and what ia going on in my life. God is leading me on a crazy journey and I'm just holding on trying to see where we are going. This book would help me get some practical ways to use my blog to help my business and vice versa.

Elisha Kemp said...

I blog and write at I am now just starting to become more active with it after a year of on and off.. I love writing and I have such a passion to share my journey about myself and my family.