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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Albums

Hello, Naptime Diaries friends!  I’m Sarah.  My husband, Andrew, and I are Oklahomans living in Beirut, Lebanon – a city we fell in love with the second we began wandering its streets and interacting with its amazing, resilient people.  We’ve been here almost two years dreaming of seeing Lebanese families discover God together.

Being so far from home, we quickly realized that the online space we wanted to use to capture our favorite moments and share them with our families didn’t seem to be out there.  We wanted something that felt personal – a place just to share with our closest friends and family.  We wanted it to be simple & we wanted it to be beautiful.  But most of all, we wanted a place that felt lasting… so that five, ten, fifteen years from now we can easily gather around it with our kids and remember the amazing moments we’ve had together.  I wanted something like that stack of photo albums on the bottom shelf of a bookcase at my parents’ house.  I loved looking through those albums as a kid… and as a teenager… and if I could get my hands on them today, I would grab a cup of coffee and give half of my afternoon flipping through them…

The day I was born, my parents smiling up at the camera, my brothers down at me in my mom’s arms.  A four year old with bangs cut by my dad, my face squished up against his, crazy smiles on both of us.  First days of school… that classic family moment where your mom insists on taking a picture when you’re already late and nervous, but then, years later, you’re so glad she insisted.

But as charming as dusty photo albums on a shelf are, they’re not really us anymore.  But what’s inside them - the laughing kids, the family trips, the baseball games -  is totally still us.

We’re thankful for all the online tools that make the thousands of miles between Beirut and Oklahoma seem so much smaller.  But we wanted a place built just for families – and so we decided to build it.  The Albums will be up and running shortly, but in the meantime, please check out our launch page and if you like it, sign up!

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