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Monday, December 3, 2012

house warming

Well, it was a long overdue. I mentioned in this post that I was in the process of a slow blog redesign and this weekend, I finally finished it up. I needed a new look to match what has been brewing in my heart a long time and I think I don't hate it, hooray!

For me, a new blog feels a little like a new living room. And I hope you feel comfy. Put up your feet, take your shoes off, throw your hair in a messy bun + grab your fave mug. What's ahead is less of a trophy case and more of a coffee date

Over here on the right, you'll find some little paths for getting around. The top circles are pages that can be found in + outside of the blog. The About, FAQ, and All the Things pages are all new and have needed some updating for quite a while. The bottom circles are the main subjects you'll be finding here. I've roughly started focusing on these things recently and will continue to do so until the Lord mixes things up again! 

Grace posts will be mostly biblically based encouragement, usually inspired by some way I've failed and the Lord has heaped grace on me. Spur posts will be written to encourage women in their endeavors - blogging, small business, design, shop owners, etc. Of course, you don't have to be pursuing those endeavors to read them! A Peek posts will be the ones about our life, our home, our family, the story God is writing for us. Inspire will hopefully do just that! If I can do in a blog post what a Beyonce music video does for me, I'd be so happy. Hopefully these posts will just make you want to smile and have a better day. Lastly, we'll still be sharing our Design - happenings from our shop + fun stuff like that! 

Nothing super fancy below that -- the normal social media links. BUT I did finally set up an RSS feed so you can subscribe to Naptime Diaries if you're in to that kind of thing. Beneath those links I have a new little link to a my community + content page. It's a statement I've wanted to make for a while to explain why you might not see me super chatty in the comments on my blog or instagram or twitter for that matter. And it's also a tiny slice of freedom I want to give other women. 

And woosh, who knew you could write a whole blog post on a new blog design! 
If you made it through - ten points for you! 

But for real, I hope you like it here. 
I sure like having you and I hope you'll come back. 
Good day, sweet friends. 

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