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Thursday, February 7, 2013

everyone needs it

I sure need some inspiration, how about you? 
Here are the things that are lighting my up right now. 

1. painted stripes
2. this bag (hint, hint, Mr. Connolly, vday approaches) 
3. a must-do DIY
4. the idea of cutting my hair once I've passed the "not allowed to cut your hair in postpartum stress/hormonal decision making season". This is about six months away. But I'm excited.
5. scones. a friend made us some and I want more. making these wheat + blueberry ones tomorrow for breakfast-for-dinner.
6. running. I cannot wait to start again. 
7. The Influence Conference. Is it September yet? 
8. think we'll make a heart bunting like this for vday with the kids, then use it in Glor's room. 
9. emerald green. I want it everywhere. 

What about you? 
What's inspiring you these days? 

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