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Monday, March 11, 2013

look who got dressed || a Noonday giveaway

I will be the first one to confess to y'all - it's been no fashion show round these parts the last six weeks. The other day I texted my friend, 

"I'm getting dressed, I'll be a few minutes late!"

Then, I had to text her back a few minutes later and say, 

"By getting dressed, I want you to know I mean I'm cleaning up 
baby spit up off the sweatshirt I've been wearing for 3 days."

In all honesty, I'm a solid 5-10 pounds out from wearing my pre-pregnancy clothes and I just don't feel like buying new ones. But the yoga pants situation was becoming all too much and so this weekend, I did something drastic. 

I got dressed.  

I just went out and put on my big girl face and marched into that forever 21 and put my feelings on the shelf until I found a pair of pants that zipped. I refuse to buy anything more expensive than jeans I could find at forever 21 because these are temporary, you know? 

But I still needed more help.
I needed inspiration.
Enter the big ring. If you've been around Naptime Diaries at all, you know I have a relationship with big rings. They set something going in me that I can't deny. They uproot some deep seated desire to be creative, to express myself, to... get dressed. 

It's the best kind of slippery slope. You put on a big ring. You paint your nails. You can't wear yoga pants + a sweatshirt with a fun big ring and painted nails? Pull out the curling iron and the big girl jeans -  sister, we're back in business. 

And if you're gonna wear a ring, I gotta suggest this beauty from Noonday Collection. I first got introduced to Noonday a few years ago and there is NOTHING on their website I don't love. When you combine beautiful jewelry with providing jobs for artisans in with families living in poverty, families raising money for adoptions, and encouraging women in their creative endeavors -- now that is a company I can get behind. 

Check out Noonday's story for certain and I don't think it would be an awful idea to check out their ambassador program. I have a friend, Kim, who is an ambassador and truly loves the company! Check out her page too while you're at it! 

The gals at Noonday are graciously going to give one of you your own Tagua Ring. Your size, your color. Your very own just in case you need the motivation to get dressed in the morning. If you don't need the motivation, hooray! Just enjoy the ring. If you're like me, put that bad boy on and go about your business. 

Enter the giveaway today and check out Noonday for sure!
And don't judge me if I'm back in yoga pants today. 
One day on, on day off? Is that fair? 
I vote yes. Ah, go get your ring:) 

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